Jacob Guerra Oral History, 2021/12/03


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Jacob Guerra Oral History, 2021/12/03

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I conducted an interview with Jacob Guerra. It was my pleasure listening to his perspective and learning more about his insight in reference to COVID 19.

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Victoria Conerly

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Jacob Guerra

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I conducted an interview with Jacob Guerra. It was my pleasure listening to his perspective and learning more about his insight in reference to COVID 19.

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Victoria Conerly 0:00
Hi, this is Victoria Conerly, and I'm here with Jacob. And I will be conducting an interview today for as COVID-19. I'll be asking Jacob a few questions in regards to COVID. Jacob, is there anything specific you would like to share in reference to COVID-19?

Jacob 0:22
I think people should just listen to what they say to do to the protocols. And I think it would make a safer world for everybody. Just to follow the protocol.

Victoria Conerly 0:39
Okay, great. Thank you. The second question, Did COVID have a financial impact on your life?

Jacob 0:47
Most definitely changed my my financial income at work. Most definitely, greatly.

Victoria Conerly 0:57
I think it did for everybody. Thank you, for sure. Okay, third question. Did you take up any hobbies or add any additional hobbies during quarantine?

Jacob 1:10
Not specifically. I learned how to clean my house

Victoria Conerly 1:16
better. That's funny. Yes, me too. Yeah. Fourth question. Did you ever feel as though COVID 19 pandemic disturbed your way of living prior to the way you were living? Before? COVID-19?

Jacob 1:33
I wouldn't say disturbed, but it gave me options of alternative things to do from my normal way of life.

Victoria Conerly 1:44
That's cool. Positive. Last question. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently or you could have done better for us protecting yourself during COVID for as like following the protocols wearing mask things, of that nature?

Jacob 2:05
No, I think everything they said was pretty much straightforward. And I followed mostly everything we did. And I think it helped everybody.

Victoria Conerly 2:20
Okay, awesome. Well, thank you, Jacob. Thank you for your time. I appreciate you being a part of this interview. And I thank you again for your time. Thank you. Wonderful

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