Save our Children Tour?

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Save our Children Tour?

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The anti-vaxxers are out in full force. Disguising themselves as Patriots dedicated to personal freedoms and, for some reason, the saviors of children? This Save Our Children tour harkens back to Anita Bryant’s homophobic “Save Our Children” movement in the 1970s but it’s unclear if they’re the same thing? No about page on their website. I find this disturbing that not only are people hesitant to get vaccinated, some groups are mobilizing to spread misinformation and disinformation about the vaccines as well. This comes in the tail of Neil Young’s ultimatum he delivered to Spotify about their hosting of Joe Rogan’s podcast. Neil Young and now Joni Mitchell have demanded that Spotify drop their music if they keep hosting Joe Rogan. Spotify’s stocks are way down since they chose Joe Rogan over Neil Young.
Added 2/3/22: Shortly after I saw advertisements for this Save Our Children Tour, they were all scrubbed off Facebook and the internet at large too. They've been removed from all festival circuit calendars and everything. So.... it must be canceled? So I'm adding a link about how Facebook is monitoring and limiting the SaveOurChildren language because it spreads QAnon theories. I even reverse image searched Google for this flier and it was nowhere to be found! I'm glad I captured it while it was around. I've also added a link to an article about who has left Spotify because of Joe Rogan. MCR

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