COVID-19: but make it McDonalds.

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COVID-19: but make it McDonalds.

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March 2020
When the pandemic began, I was two weeks into my first job at McDonalds. At this point in the pandemic, masks cost $700 for the case we got at work. One day, when I walked into McDonalds, the manager called me back to the office. I thought I was getting fired since we were overstaffed, and I was trained to work at the kiosk in the now-closed lobby. To my surprise, she didn’t fire me. She explained that we have a new part of our uniform: a McMask. If I said I laughed, that would be an understatement. People were wearing them upside down, so they made a sad face. Even the customers laughed at us. I was always the first person to show my McSpirit, but the McMask would not be seen on me outside of a McWork setting.
I noticed other changes at work aside from our spectacular new dress code. Since we were drive-thru only, customers started acting crazier than usual. Due to supply chain shortages, our menu was somewhat limited. While some customers took it for what it was (we’re in a pandemic, yanno?), some were not so understanding. I had money, drinks, and some very hurtful words thrown at me.
Some may wonder: Did McDonalds take the proper precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19 within the restaurant? The short answer: McNo. During the beginning of my McWorking career, I stayed on the customer service side of things, so I wasn’t in the kitchen. However, the people in the kitchen rarely wore masks, since the lobby wasn’t open, and the customers couldn’t see them. Since we were during peak Shamrock Shake season when the pandemic began, there was rarely time between orders to change gloves or wash hands.
In conclusion, McDonalds had quite a few McChanges during the pandemic. Although, none of them sacrificed the Mac’s dirty nature, it was quite the experience to hop into this new way of life with all my filthy McPals by my side.

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