Discovering You Have COVID19

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Discovering You Have COVID19

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It was September of 2020, and I was babysitting at the time. The kids I was babysitting for were sick, but I did not think much of it, babies are sick all the time right? So, I continue going to work throughout the week. I am changing the diaper of the child, and may I add that this is a dirty, poopy diaper. I am thinking in my head, "Wow it is kind of crazy that this does not smell bad, it ALWAYS does." Suddenly it clicks in my head, I cannot smell. I go smell a candle, smells like nothing, an onion, nothing, perfume, nothing, and I am instantly in a panic. I am then wondering if I can taste anything, I try every food in the pantry, again... nothing. I immediately tell the mom I babysit for (she works from home), and she tries smelling her candle, and she smells nothing either. We go together and get tested, and we all had COVID19. We all ended up being okay and quarantine for 10 days, so its okay to laugh at the situation now. That was my most memorable moment of COVID19.

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