The Year the World Went Crazy

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The Year the World Went Crazy

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I was not directly affected by the Coronavirus, but I knew several who were, some got over it like a cold, others did not survive. There was a devastating number of deaths resulting from the virus, yet so many people adamantly believed it was fake, it was something created by the American government to control citizens. Talking to people from other countries, it was actually embarrassing because the events that transpired in 2020, well, not so much the events, but the reactions to these events, became quite a joke to other countries. 2020 was a year of total divide in many ways: mask wearers vs. mask refusers, pro-vaccination vs anti-vaccination, democrats vs. republicans, races and racism, hoarders vs. "just buy what you need" shoppers, partiers and clubbers vs. stay-at-homers, the list goes on. The thing that affected my life the most in 2020 was not COVID, but the society I live in being in a constant state of chaos and aggression and judgement. This was not the first time a virus spread to other countries from one origin country, it was not the first time that origin country was China, and it was not created by the American government to control the people....I guess 2020 was also a year of conspiracy theories. It's disgusting to think of all those who perished in the pandemic from the virus who are forgotten about or disregarded due to the conspiracy theories against the virus. It was just a horrible year all around, huge step back from mankind in its morals and ethics.

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