My personal COVID 19 experience

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My personal COVID 19 experience

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I submitted a screenshot of a test from a coworker taken on March 18,2020. I chose to submit this because it shows what the beginning of the pandemic was like for me. I had got laid off from my job at my retail job, I was nervous to leave my house, and the unemployment office was backed up more than it ever had been. Some of my coworkers had trouble filing with unemployment, and couldn't get it figured out. I waited an extra week to file just so I didn't mess it up, and do it wrong. I wanted all the errors and bugs to be worked out. It was such a unsettling time for me, and I had to move back in with my parents. There was such a large adjustment for all of us. I remember sitting on the phone with my states unemployment hotline on hold for 6 hours and getting hung up on. I cried for the rest of the night. I never thought it would end, or it would be my turn to get the help I needed, to get my questions answered. I look back on this time and am so proud and happy for how far we have come. Everyone had their own struggles, and had to think on their feet. The world had never had to deal with something like this in such a manner of urgency before. Here I stand, 2 years later with a job that is paying for my college, living in a different state, able to see finally be happy and relaxed and stable again. I am so thankful I had such a helpful and supportive group around me to get through that time. It is so refreshing to see the growth of everything and everyone the last couple years. The world can now move forward and progress as normal again.

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