WC Oral History, 2022/05/11


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WC Oral History, 2022/05/11

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A student describes their experience working during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Oral History

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New York
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This oral history is an anonymous interview regarding a student describing their experience working during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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HW: 0:00

What's up, guys. I’m with WC. It is currently May 10th, 2022, at 3:20 pm. Before we start our interview, I just want to ask for verbal consent to be interviewed and uploaded and published on the JOTPY Website.

WC: 0:15

Yes, I confirm.

HW: 0:17

So first off, where your work hours affected by the outbreak of the pandemic at all and
if so, how?

WC: 0:22

I honestly received more hours because I worked at a pizzeria as a delivery driver. People didn't want to come into the store. So it was a lot of deliveries.

HW: 0:34

Alright, so next up, how's your transportation method changed since the initial outbreak?

WC: 0:39

No, I had my own car so that it wasn't really affected?

HW: 0:44

So next up, did your employer reduce the amount of workers present at the workplace at one time following the outbreak?

WC: 0:51

The people who worked inside the pizzeria some of them got cut and there was actually more delivery drivers just to compensate for the people not coming inside.

HW: 1:02
So were you expected to follow any strict cleaning procedures?

WC: 1:06

Before I went on deliveries, I had to wash my hands and after. Also, I just put hand sanitizer my steering wheel just to clean it, but that was for personal.

HW: 1:17

Alright, so with that? Did you tend to see an increase in sanitary awareness among coworkers?

WC: 1:23

Yeah, the boss was emphasizing using a lot of hand sanitizers throughout the day, and of course, wearing the mask and washing hands.

HW: 1:32

Did the tasks assigned to a work change due to the pandemic or no?

WC: 1:36

No, I've always been a delivery driver.

HW: 1:40

Alright, so next up, did you notice any co workers leaving or new workers joining after the outbreak?

WC: 1:46

Some part time workers quit just due to trauma and quarantine for the pandemic not wanting to get sick. But there's also a bunch of people that wanted to work and ended up getting jobs because of the pandemic.

HW: 2:00

So, were your wages affected at all by the pandemic?

WC: 2:04

Not at all.

HW: 2:06

So when working during the pandemic was difficult to juggle both personal and professional life?

WC: 2:13

Honestly, not at all my personal life was put on hold because the pandemic so my professional life was really taking over. So I'm just working during this time.

HW: 2:23

Alright, so were you forceful at any government subsidies such as unemployment relief?

WC: 2:28

No, I was employed during the whole time of the pandemic.

HW: 2:32

Did your work become more difficult due to social distancing and mask use?

WC: 2:37

It didn't because I was just driving so I was alone. And a lot of customers chose contactless delivery, so they just leave it out their door.

HW: 2:46

So in your opinion, did the work of ours become less friendly and interactive after the pandemic?

WC: 2:53

Um, well, ah of my co workers just were kind of standoffish and honestly, they just there wasn't much more conversation due to not getting close to someone in the masks and everything.

HW: 3:08

So during the pandemic, did you experience an increase in stress while working?

WC: 3:13

Yeah, I was honestly stressed on a daily basis. I live with my grandmother. She's a heavy chain smoker. So I was extremely worried about coming home and giving her the virus.

HW: 3:27

Did your experience did you experience a lack of motivation to work or even keep your job during the early months of the outbreak?

WC: 3:34

My motivation was somewhat higher because I just wanted to get out of the house being quarantined all day, there's been nothing to do so going to work was honestly like a break.

HW: 3:45

So at the time with the initial outbreak, I know there were mask mandates at the pizzeria. But were there any vaccine mandates at all? Or?

WC: 3:53

No, there was no vaccination mandate to work up until today.

HW: 4:00

So lastly, did your family experience any hardships with job loss or other complications?

WC: 4:06

There wasn't a job loss with my parents or anything but there was just a lot of mental health issues being quarantined. Ever everyone felt the need to get out but cut in and it was just really tough for everyone.

HW: 4:18

I got that. Alright, so I think that pretty much wraps up all the questions I have for you. I'm just wondering if you got anything to ask me about the pandemic.

WC: 4:26

No, thank you for the interview.

HW: 4:27

Yeah. All right. Well, thank you so much. Also, I appreciate your time.

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