Taking a Rapid Covid-19 Test In Public

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Taking a Rapid Covid-19 Test In Public

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In this phase of my life, I have more loose ends than tied down ones. I often have to arrive at places early or multitask my use of a space or transit system. During a moving process, this is exaggerated. I have so much schoolwork and shifts at my job that often I just roam the city between events. I was notified that I had been around someone with Covid, so I grabbed a test at Walgreens. When I got back onto the street, I realized that most people would be shocked or disgusted at seeing someone test themselves for the plague in a public space. I felt like I could not go to my student center as they might tell me I could not take a Covid test there, and I could not go home as I was already downtown and had class in a few hours. I decided to go to a place where many people are dealing with their own issues publicly; the downtown public library. I knew I could take this test there and not be bothered. I entered, took a few escalators, and found a secluded desk where I was able to take the test. It felt as if I were doing something wrong, or illegal. I do not think that should be the way it is, but we tend to shun the sick and demand people to leave if they are not using a space the "correct" way. I tested negative.

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