How Covid-19 Effected Highschool Athletics and the College Recruiting Process

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How Covid-19 Effected Highschool Athletics and the College Recruiting Process

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High school sports for many students such as myself were drastically affected because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As an avid golfer and college golf prospect from Michigan, the pandemic hurt me and my fellow athletes in many different ways. In my Junior year of high school, my golf season was canceled entirely because of the pandemic after being one of the state's higher-ranked teams. This took away the most important season for college golf recruiting as the most important year for junior golfers is your senior year of high school. The pandemic also temporarily closed courses and facilities, meaning that I could not practice my skills to become a better athlete. The pandemic affected all different kinds of athletes, not just golfers like myself. In the end, I was able to battle against the pandemic and persevere as I am now a College Golfer at Elmhurst University in the suburbs of Chicago.

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