Environmental Psych. First Semester!

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Environmental Psych. First Semester!

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This was the first semester that PSY 324 Environmental Psychology, an elective, upper level class in the Department of Psychology of the College of Staten Island was taking place at the St. George campus. It was our hope to have a series of field trips bringing our understanding of the dynamic between peoples and places outside of the classroom.
We only managed to do one such trip, but nevertheless, the seed was planted. As a class we understood that there was more to psychology than power points and tests. Collaboratively, we started creating a curriculum that tried to use our shared knowledge of the world together with the conceptual complexity of environmental psychology theory.
Quickly our task had to move online where we figured out how to move forward in our quest, without leaving behind those of us who are sick, taking care of sick people, working dangerous jobs, or have lost jobs due to the pandemic.

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