Fireside Chat Episode 3


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Fireside Chat Episode 3

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Episode Three of Brooklyn High School of the Arts series COVID-19 Fireside Chats! Students share their stories from quarantine.

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Hello, Fireside Chat project and I will be talking about COVID-19 how it affected me in different ways and stuff like that. I totally missed school, I'm a in person learning. Uh I'm a, I mean ask questions on the spot. So I really like the video call that my teachers are doing. Uh, it has, it is becoming a little overwhelming now. Because like so much work. There are things going on at home you know like but you still want to get your education, you know like is it's like it's there you get it if you want to get it, you home, you can do it if you want to if not you don't have, ts the same thing in school, but its in school and you're motivated by the people around you, make you want to do it. But at home like I'm by myself. I got things going on, I can't get to it, alright like a lot of things happen. The teachers I've been really, you know, easy to understand the way you know, they still need to do they need to do but students also have to take accountability for whats going on as well. But, this is the end of my fireside project. I really enjoy talking about this. Because I really enjoy actually talking about COVID-19. And I really hope you enjoy my project. And thank you for watching, Bye!

Some tips to practice good hygiene for this pandemic. Would be to cover your face with any type of cloth material you have available. Wash your hands. And most importantly, stay home and only go outside when necessary. A lot of people think that wearing gloves is a necessity. And really you're just promoting cross-contamination. And example of cross-contamination would be here. You have a glove, I put the glove on. When I go outside. And I'm touching everything, I'm touching doorknobs, I'm outside, I'm touching the car door to get in the door, I'm pushing through the door to come through the stores and stuff like that, right. Now I had the glove, my phone rings, Brrrrrrrr, I pick it up. I am now touching my phone with the same glove that I touched everything else that could possibly be contaminated with COVID-19. I now put my phone back in my bag, that's cross contamination. I take the glove off, and I get in the house, wash my hands with soap and water, pick my phone back up. And now it was like the glove has lost all purpose. Because of COVID-19 a lot of people aren't able to attend their work. However, I have a mother who's a first responder. Therefore, she's required to come to work every day, given that she is required to come to work every day, she's more likely to be exposed to this pandemic. Unfortunately my mother was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. It was hard because while were on quarantine, she also had to be on quarantine in the same space as me and, as my siblings and I. Therefore, extra measures to being safe had to be taken. Fortunately, she has recovered from this pandemic. And we're just resuming to practice the safety measures so that no further action needs to be taken place.

The Coronavirus has affected my family personally, and my life personally, like it's actually been really tough for us um. Especially me, but it's only so much you could do like with school actually is kind of hard. Especially with death and like people getting sick and you start to worry. And my mom, she's like she has to go to work every day. My brother has to go to work every day so it's very scary for like us like and I feel like the kids have to go through like the hardest part of the fear like what if my mom doesn't come home today or what if my brother doesn't come home today. like it's really hard on the kids but as of like friendships and like all that stuff. I haven't really been speaking to a lot of people I kind of like like shut myself out and stayed with like my inner circle more because like it was really hard for me to, How to put it? It was really hard for me to move on, and accept the fact that like, I have to keep going. And I can't let this virus and the deaths and stuff stop me from doing what I have to do. This virus has changed everybody, like, I feel like everybody has changed, who has taken his whole quarantine serious, I feel like the virus has changed everybody. And it's a big eye opener because I would have never expected something's, like I would have never expected my godmother passing like, I would have never expected that I would have never expected my boy best friend's grandmother, or my female best friend's father, like, I would have never expected any of those things. And it's just an eye opener, like you got to just love and you got to live life to the fullest you got to do what you have to do in life.

I understand that everyone handles situations differently, for me personally, school has been harder, because I like to be in a classroom, filled with students that are motivated, and my teachers telling me like, my information that I need to know. And when I raise my hand, I feel I just feel motivated to go to class and have my teacher there and, just have people around me, you just need to learn how to manage it. And it's been about three weeks now. And I understand that I need to get things done with because now I don't have any teachers there in the classroom watching over me and making sure that I'm doing my work. So I need to be on my own back. So I could know that I get things done. Once everything is safe, and everyone is safe. I'm deciding not to see another time, like I said, everything to go back to normal. And just appreciate the little things because never, I would have imagined. This so, this is really crazy. I wouldn't ever imagine this is before all of this happened. I was like, oh, everything's gonna be fine. There's a lot of people who die and get sick from the flu every single year. So this will probably just be the same thing. But we're just waiting for a vaccine or anything that could help us. And that's all we're really doing. And just trying to be positive. And reach out to those hotlines. Like I said, if you feel lonely, if you don't really have family with you that it's going to be okay. And even if your parents are driving you crazy, and you think you can't handle being home anymore. Just think about the people who don't even have a bed to stay in that everything is going to be okay because there's always people that have it worse, and just being understanding for everyone.

Most adolescents and students my age, wish to go back to school. This is funny as it seems, because usually the only thing you will hear a teenager say is that they're tired of school and wish to stay home. But people don't know how much they actually miss something until it's taken away from them. I miss seeing my friends and I know they miss see me. School was the source of my social life, more so, more of a source than social media. And I know a lot of students are the same way. I pray that we will be able to see one another and actually feel each other's touch. So please continue to cut, please do not feel sad and hopeless and worthless. This is only temporary. This is only a test to see how much we will fight for humanity.

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