Syllabus from University at Buffalo HST 459, Dr. Marissa Rhodes.


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Syllabus from University at Buffalo HST 459, Dr. Marissa Rhodes.

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This is the syllabus from Dr. Rhodes' HST459 class at the University at Buffalo. From the syllabus:
"This is a public history course revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with the Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of COVID-19 ( We will learn about oral histories (focused on the ethics and logistics of conducting, processing, curating, and exhibiting COVID-19 oral histories), and digital archives (focused on the ethics of rapid response archives, documenting the pandemic, curation and exhibit-making using Omeka-S). We will encounter readings on the ethics and methods of oral history, archives, and public history. You will also receive practical training and execute a culminating project such as an oral history collection, data remediation project, or exhibit centered around the Buffalo community, your hometowns, or some other group to which you have access or theme about which you are passionate."
Students in the class submitted items to the archive, created oral histories and conducted projects within JOTPY. This will be linked to those items.

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Nate Schank Oral History, 05/13/2022 Linked Data Oral History
Mikayla Augustine Oral History, 2022/05/22 Linked Data Interactive Resource
Anonymous Oral History, 2022/05/11 Linked Data Oral History

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