5 hours on Zoom is too much


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5 hours on Zoom is too much

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Sitting next to my 6yo while she sits on Zoom for 5 hours isn’t working. The teachers assume that a parent is there ready to jump in at any moment, and if we aren’t problems bubble up. For example, I was working on Maya’s second day of school and I missed that she took a bathroom break and missed that her teacher scolded her for taking one.

I emailed the school’s principal, because while I really, really want her to attend the bilingual school, I don’t think it’s possible with the current set up. I wrote an email and asked, basically, what would happen if she unenrolled and came back.

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August 18, 2020

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Katy Kole de Peralta

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Katy Kole de Peralta

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English Education--K12
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distance learning
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Kyrene del Norte

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distance learning, K-12, homeschool, Zoom, screen time, Kyrene del Norte

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Anasitasia Vaitele
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