Sensory history contribution to COVID-19 Archive

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Sensory history contribution to COVID-19 Archive

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These are the instuctions posted in Canvas for HST 643. Students enrolled in Global History Fall B at Arizona State University will all submit a story related to the pandemic and senory history
Sensescapes surround us. Every day we confront visual, audio, tactile, and olfactory information. We process that information as part of an experience. However, what gets remembered and preserved disproportionately are visual records, records of things people witnessed. Even today- video recordings and still images circulated over the internet.

Here's an example (Links to an external site.) of a submission I made to the archive.

For this assignment, you'll submit one item that captures a sensory memory that relates to the COVID-19 pandemic (other than sight). You'll submit your item to the COVID-19 Archive (Links to an external site.) on the "Share your Story Page." Include the the following metadata:

The title
The description (this is the most important part. What does this sensory history tell us about the history of the pandemic?
Tags: at a minimum (Arizona State University, HST 643, and Sensory History)
Type: Audio recording, story (about a sensory experience), recipe, etc.
Contributor (your name)
Location (where did/does this memory take place).

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October 12, 2020

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Katy Kole de Peralta

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Katy Kole de Peralta

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Arizona State University

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English Education--Universities
English Environment & Landscape

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Sensory History

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This item was submitted on October 12, 2020 by Katy Kole de Peralta using the form “Share Your Story” on the site “A Journal of the Plague Year”:

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