Juniper Berries Grant Volunteering at the Santa Monica College Food Pantry

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Juniper Berries Grant Volunteering at the Santa Monica College Food Pantry

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Before the pandemic, my dog, Juniper Berries Grant aka Juni, was on track to becoming a therapy dog and helping stressed out students at Santa Monica College, where I work. But we closed campus and moved all classes online, so Juni was out of a job.
After the pandemic happened, I started volunteering at the Santa Monica College Food Pantry. Every Wednesday, we give produce, dairy, eggs, meat, and dry goods to our students in need. It’s all amazing and fresh, if we have extras, we donate it to local resources and staff. It has been great to see the community support students with food insecurities.
Anyways, one Wednesday, Juni was able to come up and volunteer. And while students couldn’t give her pets, her cuteness put them at ease from a safe distance.

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July 1, 2020

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Travis Scott Grant

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Travis Scott Grant

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Arizona State University

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