Clean bum

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Clean bum

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Everyone needs to get a bidet! That is my pandemic hack. While everyone was out panic buying toilet paper me and my family were sitting pretty.
A few years ago, I was invited to a symposium in India. My dad came with me for his first trip after retirement. I had never seen a bidet in my life and I sure as hell was not about to try it. But by the third day we were there, my dad confessed to me that he had been using the bidet and he loved it. I figured if my dad was willing to try it and admit to me that he tried it, I might as well try it out myself. Let me tell you! This invention is not common in America. I went forty years without ever even seeing one. By the time we left India I was hooked. A clean butt every day all day! Yes!
I procrastinated on buying one when we came home but eventually, I ordered two. They stayed in that Amazon box until… that is right. Until the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. We watched on the news of mayhem at the grocery stores and fights over TP! Getting close to our last few rolls we decided it was time to break those bad boys out and install them. Ahhhh heaven. Warning though, teaching kids how to use this is a learning curve. Some minor flooding was involved. Once the shelves were stocked again, we did end up buy a huge box of toilet paper for the boys. But toilet paper still disappears from the store shelves whenever there is a new shut down. We are pretty proud of ourselves whenever we can’t find any toilet paper!

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January 12, 2020

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Dana Lee Bell

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Dana Lee Bell

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Arizona State University

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text story

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English Humor

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