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Collected Item: “Food and House Supply Shortage”

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Food and House Supply Shortage

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When the pandemic first started people were out of control buying food and house supplies. There was a shortage on meat and the price rose up to an unreasonable price. Not only that the people were buying all the toilet paper. Like whom would have thought we will run out of toilet paper

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This is a picture from google

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Photo: michelmond/Shutterstock (A grocery store) I also used Shenggen Fan picture from his article

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https://www.ifpri.org/blog/preventing-global-food-security-crisis-under-covid-19-emergency https://www.eater.com/2020/4/14/21220652/coronavirus-food-supply-chain-meat-shortage-disruption-smithfield-foods

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Was world wide, Covid 19 related

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I am a student from Bronx Community College aiming for a criminal justice degree

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