Description is exactly During COVID-19, and how difficult things have gotten with people losing their jobs, my house had quite a few problems to contend with. First and foremost, my room was leaking; second my downstairs was also leaking, which caused some parts of the ceiling to collapse and was just a huge mess to deal with. Funny how it had to be when COVID-19 forced people to start pinching pennies, because who knew when you might have gotten laid off from work because of it. We called someone to fix it, and we thought he had found it - after paying a decent sum to get the job done - but the leak was not fixed. Water still came down, forcing my father to tear down the wall in order to get to the problem, or at least attempt it. I talk about this because a lot of people will blame COVID-19 for their misfortune, and to join them, the house did not have to be in need of some much restructuring, especially with how much it costs. Not to mention the refurbishment of our kitchen and dining room took a fair amount of money to get done. And it's been nothing but more spending.