Description is exactly My experience during the peak of COVID-19 was just a ball of anxiety, nerves, some good moments, and some bad moments. The transition from always going out, being on campus, hanging out with friends, eating out to suddenly being stuffed into staying home every day for 3 months was very tough. Especially, with the mass amount of misinformation being spread about COVID-19 at the time- it was just scary. No one really knew what this virus was, new information was being released everyday, you had people who suddenly became doctors overnight and try to tell you what to do, and so on. Going to the supermarket became like this crazy mission where every inch of skin and orifice of your body had to be covered and every single little thing had to be sanitized before it was brought back into the house. There was even a point where my family wouldn't even open the windows. It was very extreme but, I don't blame them for having that fear. I was afraid too. I was home for three months straight with very little to do besides mulling over my own stressful thoughts. The news gave me anxiety. Having all my family members suddenly be home all the time led to us stepping on each other toes more often than usual. Things began to lighten up after a while, thankfully. I was given the opportunity after three months of strict quarantine to work in a food pantry for a non profit organization in my community. To finally be able to go out, see a friend or two, and give back to my community? It was a definite yes. Working in the food pantry was an extremely rewarding experience. We served almost 300 to 400 people daily, giving them free meals, groceries, and essentials. It took my mind off of a lot, especially after a rough three months. I was also glad I was able to maintain social distancing and safe mask practices throughout my time there because it was essential that I did not bring anything home to my family. Overall, my COVID-19 experience during the peak of the pandemic was just a rollercoaster of emotions.