Description is exactly Since the outbreak of Covid-19 until it affected our personal, family, and friends' lives. It has not only affected only our health aspects, it has also become a factor in the outbreak of our family conflicts. In March-April of 2020, when almost everyone was in home quarantine. My family was no exception, almost all of us stayed at home because we were afraid of the virus. It never occurred to me that having a family in one house, staying together from morning to night every day, would lead to so many conflicts. It was unbearable from personal routine, living habits, etc. I feel that home isolation will make people understand one thing, even though we are a close family, everyone needs to have their own space or there will be conflicts. During that time, my family basically argued very frequently. This eventually led to, as a result, the separation of my parents from each other. During that time it was hard for us, we filed for unemployment because no one in the family was working. Prices were very expensive, especially for masks, alcohol and other epidemic protection supplies. I still remember that at the beginning a box of medical masks cost only 6 dollars for a box of 50 pieces, however, later when there was a lack of material a box was sold for tens of dollars. A series of problems, financial, spiritual, interpersonal and physical, were affected by the arrival of the epidemic. All in all, I just hope the epidemic passes quickly and life goes back to normal. I believe this is what everyone affected by the epidemic would like to see.