Description is exactly The emergence of COVID-19 has trembled the world. At the beginning of its spread, no one knew how to handle or deal with this virus. For many months, scientists and doctors tried to find a way to treat the patients but failed. Dead bodies were loaded in a truck that was 5-6 meters long. People started to panic which resulted in fights over toilet paper and canned foods because they were stocking on for emergencies. Essential workers such as doctors, EMTs, nurses, and others were left with no masks. Some of them had to find a way to reuse the masks because they were short in proper protective equipment. Students transferred to remote learning because schools, colleges, and universities were shut down. Everything happened so fast that I did not have time to process each event on its own. After being quarantined, many families including us, thought that the world was coming to an end. Never in my life, I have seen thousands of people die on the same day. Never in my life, I have seen people fear walking close to others. Never in my life, I have seen America run short on masks, hand sanitizers, and even cleaning products. A year later, things have eased a little with the vaccine being available. However, not everything will be back to normal.