Welcome to Journal of the Plague Year: Immigrant Stories

The Immigrant Stories collection of Journal of the Plague Year is seeking to document experiences of the pandemic and how it disproportionately impacted immigrants in the United States. We invite you to share your stories and impressions, be they text, photographs, social media posts, art, recordings, video, screenshots, or news. Anything which may help others understand what you and those around you went through and felt during this significant time. 


What Stories to Share?

Allow this Journal of the Plague Year to become your personal diary--a place where you share moments of your life, along with hundreds of others to create a historical record of the pandemic.  

All stories about immigration rights, immigrants and their families and policies regarding immigration are welcome on this page and in this collection. 

The Immigrant Stories collection was initiated by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and funding was partially provided by ______. This page is being supported by ASU. For inquiries please contact >>>>>.

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