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Collected Item: “Patricia Tate Oral History, 2022/03/11”


Patricia Tate

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Kit Heintzman

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Patricia Tate

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#AIDS, #Appalachia, #aquarius, #astrology, #authenticity, #chiropractor, #COVID+, #Christmas, #collectivism, #dog, #family, #fear, #Florida, #freewill, #hair, #holistic, #hospital, #hugs, #J&J, #joy, #Ohio, #optimist, #married, #mask, #meditation, #motherhood, #moving, #NativeAmericans, #pet, #prayer, #prioritizing, #PTSD, #redlight, #reiki, #rodeo, #shadow, #spirituality, #supplements, #tarot, #Thanksgiving, #travel, #Ukraine, #vitamins, #volunteer

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Barbodon, Ohio, USA

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55 to 64

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Self description: “My name is Patricia Tate. I consider myself a healer. I use astrology, tarot, I’m a Reiki Master, and I use Aka Dua, and so I’m an energy worker. And the goal is to help work with others through whatever they… or to guide them or to give them information. I receive dreams. And yeah, I don’t know what else you’d want to know about that.”

Some of the things we discussed included:
Knowing something big was coming from astrology; preparing with adult children for change; new beginning; pushing comfort zones.
Adult daughter moving home during the pandemic.
Digital connections and the air element; the importance of in-person connection.
Moving homes, downsizing hoarding, reconnecting to space.
Take clients home to do energy work.
Socially distanced reiki work.
Recent traveling in an RV; campgrounds and other state facilities being shut down because of the pandemic.
Family moving away during the pandemic; letting go; separation from parents and social distancing; driveway visits with parents.
Husband had COVID early in the pandemic; neighbor died early in the pandemic.
Catching COVID in December 2021; holistic treatments; going to the doctor; slow test results; symptoms.
Fear of dying alone in the hospital and staying home.
Different ideas about medicine and health in the family; discussions with family members and vaccination decision; others’ assumptions about masking and vaccination status.
Fibonacci sequence, ley lines, pyramids.
Routine falling apart during the pandemic.
Commitment to service; volunteer services shutting down: Appalachia Service Project
Equinox and Spring Seed Festival; Serpent Mound; ceremony; Goddess gatherings
Social media and policing safety behavior.
Old structures collapsing and making room for the new: governments, hospitals, schooling.
The war in Ukraine; nation’s and national leader’s astrology charts; synastry charts.
The move to greener energy.
Planetary alignment in April 2023.
Choice and trauma; that we chose when we came into the world and learning lessons from that generation; free will and determinism in astrology.
The difference between surviving and thriving.
Shadow work.
Helping clients learn to use video-chat and Zoom; technological change, life before computers; Zoom Thanksgiving.

Some other cultural references included: Zoom, GoogleMeet, YouTube

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