Humans of Covid-19 AU: Hana Assafiri

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Humans of Covid-19 AU: Hana Assafiri

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“At this time of social distancing, I’m looking to create social harmony. That’s what we have always been about. We closed the bar a few weeks before we were told to because, based on what we were seeing and hearing, I believed we were putting our workers in harm’s way. We tried take-away but I wasn’t convinced that was safe.
Looking for how we could continue to empower our women through work, while also making a contribution to the community and social justice, we launched into providing meals for frontline health care workers through a pay-it-forward scheme. In some countries they applaud their health care workers, in other countries they sing for them. In Melbourne, it’s all about the food, so it makes sense we feed them!
Everything is cause and effect. This pandemic didn’t just ‘happen’, nor was it dropped on us by aliens. It is a consequence of how we live in the world, our disregard for animals and the environment. We must take heed of what got us here and change the conversation, rather than just thinking we are going to ‘snap back’. Our behaviours and attachments came to an abrupt halt. I’m already seeing a change in attitudes. It’s about harnessing this and taking this opportunity to reset our values and activate our citizenship to work towards a more harmonious society. Almost all of those doing the thinking and leading are men. Women know how to heal with heart and compassion. We need to respect that contribution, not take it for granted.”

Instagram post on Hanna, owner & manager of Moroccan Soup Bar, and her experience during the pandemic, which was created by a psychology student living in Melbourne who was interested to hear about how COVID-19 was impacting on different peoples’ lives.

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Instagram post

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