(HIST30060) Quarantine Beauty

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(HIST30060) Quarantine Beauty

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(HIST30060) With lockdown lasting for many weeks and hairdressers and beauty salons being closed (even for a while as restrictions were eased), people's well-kept and manicured looks went out the window, being replaced with long, untamed hair and eyebrows and tracksuits. We went from looking like Princess Mia to ordinary, bushy-haired Mia as in the image. Many people resorted to giving themselves and family haircuts at home (I cut my hair twice and fringe multiple times throughout lockdown), which had varying results and became an essential covid experince on social media.

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meme, found on instagram

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This item was submitted on November 4, 2020 by Ciara Harrison using the form “Share Your Story” on the site “A Journal of the Plague Year”:

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