College VS. Pandemic

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College VS. Pandemic

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Being a college students is seemingly easy and hard enough at the same time. We go to class we start taking notes and we transition those notes into a study sheet or even into a paper. The important part of that is the going to class part. One thing that I have personally learned is that it was not easy to transition to online classes. I am a visual learner and it is a lot easier to ask questions on something you did not understand. The transition to emailing and hoping you get a response buy the time the assignment is due is something new to a lot of people. and this is not just for the schooling side of the pandemic this is also for the culture of a college campus. There is jsut something about being on a campus and knowing that every other person that you are seeing is going through the exact same thing as you are and you are in this fight together. Also, you create friendships in these environments that could ultimately help you with an assignment. It is hard to transition to being alone and trying to do these things by yourself.

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