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Masks masks masks

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This photograph is of the variety of the face masks used by myself and my sister throughout this pandemic. I like how it shows the variation in information that was received by "Dan the Man", Premier Daniel Andrews. First, any type of mask was allowed to be used (including some single-layer ones seen here). Then the recommendation was triple-layered masks. And now, face shields are not allowed to be worn. Not that my sister or I ever actually wore the face shield - that was given to us by our grandmother. Actually, all of the masks we have were sewed by our grandmother. For that, I am grateful because it saved us from having to deal with the rush of finding and purchasing masks after were made mandatory.
I like to think that if people time travelled to today from even a year ago, they would question such an odd fashion choice. And that is what they have become for a lot of people, a fashion choice. I recall seeing during the Melbourne Cup a lot of co-ordinated masks with outfits, and they have opened an avenue for people to display their interests on their face. A new and unexpected way for people to connect, even as our expressions are being masked.
All I can say is that I'm grateful for the majority of Melbournians taking to these masks, and even though we had our fair share of "Bunnings Karen," we are far better off than other countries.

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A photograph of masks and one face shield laid out on the floor.

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