Travel in the Age of Covid-19

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Travel in the Age of Covid-19

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Travelling at the best of times can induce stress and anxiety. In the times of Covid-19, it is a whole different experience.

I am dropped off at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. The departure screen, usually filled with flight information, now only has a handful of flights on display.

Incoming flights into Melbourne have been suspended entirely.

My destination is Bahrain via Dubai International Airport.

Emirates Airlines EK409 is flying at about a third of its capacity (the Melbourne-Dubai route is, at normal times, a very popular one and flights are usually almost full).

The extra room is welcome, allowing many travellers to lay down and enjoy a little comfort in these uncomfortable times.

Masks as well as gloves are required throughout the flight. A hygiene kit is provided.

I sleep for most of the flight. When I arrive in Dubai, sitting in the terminal building waiting for my connection (which is in 10 hours because of reduced flights frequency), and as a way of passing the time, I join one of my online University classes.

Three months later, in October 2020, when this journal was written, travel is still a very complicated affair. This is the worst crisis to hit the industry since the attacks of September the 11th 2001.

I will not take travel for granted ever again.

This reflection was submitted as part of the HIST30060 Making History project at the University of Melbourne.

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