Victorian sporting pride


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Victorian sporting pride

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I am not a sport person; however, during the second lockdown I became increasingly invested in the success of Victorian sporting teams as their finals started taking place.
Victoria saw three major wins in October: victory for the Melbourne Vixens in the Super Netball competition on the 18th; two Victorian teams competed in the AFL Grand Final on the 24th with Richmond ultimately prevailing; the Melbourne Storm defeated the Penrith Panthers on the 25th in the NRL Grand Final.
This string of sporting success from Victoria gave a sense of pride to many Victorians, including those of us who do not normally follow sport. This pride came as success from the second lockdown was becoming evident, adding to the sense of achievement for the state. The ability for sport to bring people together ought to not be underestimated as the sense of community and pride for Victorians, after going through a second lockdown, made many of us feel confident again.

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