Freshman Year Experience

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Freshman Year Experience

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I had decided to go to Northeastern before COVID-19 shut down the US, and was planning on studying abroad in Rome. I had always wanted to go to Europe and I love Italian food so I was devastated when I had to pick a new location because of the spike in cases in Italy. I then settled on London and although I was nervous to study abroad, I was genuinely excited to be away in Europe for a semester. After we were offered the option of Boston, I decided to stay in Boston just so I could adjust to campus along with the other freshman. The first few weeks were definitely difficult and it took time to adjust to making friends when we weren't allowed to gather in groups or go into each others rooms. For freshman, it was an especially difficult time because we knew no one and COVID rules made it harder to meet people. I struggled in the beginning but after the first few weeks I really was able to adjust to school and COVID at the same time.

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November 9, 2020

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Katherine Chandler

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Katherine Chandler

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This is a photo I took on campus a few weeks into the school year.

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