Going the Social Distance


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Going the Social Distance

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Over the course of about a week and a half I share my thoughts and feelings about the restrictions and rules we had while being placed on a modified quarantine. I discuss how it was to survive in the heat of summer, play volleyball, go to classes, and many other things while being masked up all the time. I tell readers about the testing I had to do so that everyone should know that I was negative for covid even. My story shows the different stages I've gone through throughout this modified quarantine. The stages being homesick to becoming comfortable embracing this experience of a lifetime. It is important to me because I'm using my real feelings and letting the readers know how I truly felt during the experience.

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July 10, 2021

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Xa'Vier Storey
Phillips Academy Andover

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Xa'Vier Storey

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Phillips Academy Andover

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text story

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Phillips Academy Andover
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