paso pa adelante

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paso pa adelante

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A political cartoon reflecting on the recent news of a medical study in the UK that showed dexametasona (DECADRON) could help reduce the fatality rates of severe Coronavirus cases. The comments reflect some concern that readers might take this information too literally and self-medicate, which has been a problem in Peru. The self-medication approaches range from strange to devastating, as some have tried to create home spas or special chemical baths that proved fatal to users.
medicina, dexametasona, scientific study, hope, cura

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June 17, 2020

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Andres Edery

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Kathleeen Kole de Peralta

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political cartoon

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El Comercio

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English Politics
English Social Media (including Memes)
English Healthcare
English Humor
English Science

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medical study
self medicating
death rate

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This item was submitted on 24 de junio de 2020 by Katy Kole de Peralta using the form “Sharing” on the site “Las Americas”: https://covid-19archive.org/s/americas

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