“I think it has brought it to light a little bit more than normal..."


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“I think it has brought it to light a little bit more than normal..."

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“I think it has brought it to light a little bit more than normal just because there's some confusion and fear and I was thinking they don't... they always say there is no atheist in a foxhole. So, yeah, it brings it to light but I think it's nice that I've always had that routine or that in the background to just rely on anyway and now it just goes a little deeper.”

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11/24/2020 ASR

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Speaker 2 discusses how the COVID-19 affected their religious views and participation in their religious community. They also discuss the changes to the practices of their church and its participation in community service to help hospitals and other impacted by the pandemic.

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Speaker 1 00:00
What church are you?

Speaker 2 00:02
Self-Congregational Church?

Speaker 1 00:04
Okay. How has COVID-19 affected your face or beliefs?

Speaker 2 00:11
I think it has brought it to light, a little bit more than normal. Just because there's some confusion and fear. And I was thinking they don't, they always say, there's no atheists in a foxhole. Um, so yeah, it brings it to light. But I think it's nice that I've always had that routine, or that in the background, to just rely on anyway. And now it just goes a little deeper. So, it just, it helps me with my fear and confusion, and all that.

Speaker 1 00:52
Okay, um, is your religious community still gathering currently, and how has COVID-19 affected your participation and your religious community?

Speaker 2 01:03
They are not gathering. It's very quiet at the church. The only person there I guess, is the secretary. But they are doing online services, and a lot more. There's a Vespers which we've never had, morning and afternoon prayer. My pastor writes books, so he's written a book on the pandemic. And so there's a lot more, there's a lot more stuff going on. He's always done, like a Bible study and a theology reflection group. But now he's doing a lot more. And it's kind of fun, because you get to, to look in on what's going on in times when you might not you've been so busy, you haven't been able to do it. So, yeah, they're not gathering we do online worship, and, you know, all of that stuff. But yeah, it's kind of nice that there's so much more going on. Yeah.

Speaker 1 02:07
Okay, um, is your religious community supplying or engaged in any kind of community service and an attempt to help alleviate issues caused by the pandemic? If so, what are those efforts?

Speaker 2 02:21
Well, boy, um, tons. Our assistant pastor and a couple of the choir members work at the Duffy health center. So they are now setting up actually I'm going to be making lunches or what they are setting up a program where they provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, to what they usually would have the Noah shelter or St. Joseph's house. So, they're setting up a way to shower, because the no shelters, closest people that are staying at the shelter, but still have a job, need to shower and change and have meals and stuff like that. So, they're doing that. We normally do a whole bunch of stuff with the community anyway, so that's ongoing. I can't think of all the things we do is, is just it, there's tons of things going on. But it's just a little bit more intensified. Like there's more call for us to bring food or supplies to some of our congregants that are shelter, in sheltering at home, or like the older people anyway. And we would bring stuff to them, but there's more of them now that need our help. So that's about it.

Speaker 1 03:39
Ok. Thank you so much.

Speaker 2 03:40
You're welcome.

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