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It's currently June 2nd, 2020. I'm sitting in my room at 2:47am thinking about how the world is slowly falling apart. I didn't know that Friday would be my last day in school, my last day in those hallways rushing up the stairs to Chemistry for the final period of the day. I didn't think it would be the last time I spoke to my friends and teachers face to face. Every day is a new problem, right now there are protests all over the world following the black lives matter movement. Cops are out of control, abusing their power and killing innocent people. Stores and homes are being looted and burned down. I've been watching the news and our "president" has ordered the military to open fire if they start looting. It would seem the world is falling apart as I sit at home. The pandemic may have helped our environment but it shows that our kind is ruthless. They can't stay at home and have to protest the virus. I sometimes wonder what they think they are doing, you can't protest a virus. Stay home, you are the reason the cases keep going up. The racism and abuse of power taken on by the cops who are meant to protect us has got out of control and everything is being publicized. I wish it would stop. It's important that I got this off my mind because our children and grandchildren are going to learn about this. It's important they know how terrible our president was during this time and how stupid people can be. They should know that millions violated the stay at home order and caused our cases to rise. They should know that while everyone was at home, police were outside giving masks to WHITE people in Central Park while beating up minorities in lower income area because they didn't have a mask or weren't social distancing. They should know how terrible America really is.
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