I quarantined but slipped up for 5 minutes. I gave my Family CORONA-VIRUS

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I quarantined but slipped up for 5 minutes. I gave my Family CORONA-VIRUS

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Hi. Before I share my story I am going to share some other things about me. I play sports, will be graduating in the class of 2021 (-_-) and I study sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes but you get the idea. Well here I am having a normal quarantine life- waking up, eating, sitting down, eating, studying, eating- yeah you know the usual. I do hear stuff about the outside world every once in a while, but not too worried about it despite- the numerous amount of casualties from RONA, hospitals being flooded, countries being ... you get it, the usual- but I WAS calm. Like how could I of all people get corona when I haven't been past my garage in the past few months. Just before this gets going I want everyone to know that I DO wear a mask everywhere. My FAM doesn't mess around. Well fast-forward to the 1 day I interact with civilization outside mi casa on August 6th. This 1 special occasion, the one *** time I stepped foot outside my realm WITHOUT a mask was to get groceries from my grandma who at the moment had a mask on. These groceries were from.......... COSTCO. This is that 1 day I realized on AUGUST 8, I knew that I ****** up. Yes. You're probably thinking something near the realm of me being... well just plain stupid, but it gets even better. Today (August 8) I am starting to realize that I have touched every god dang snack in the cabinet. I may have given my WHOLE family corona-virus. My symptoms seem to be mild but who knows they may get worse as the disease progresses. More importantly I am praying that none of my family members nor anyone exposed to me has been given corona-virus. I'm sorry to everyone going through anything right now. Stay healthy and Stay Safe. No matter what wear a mask, speaking from experience- the consequences can be life threatening- A.O

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