My 2020 COVID-19 Story

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My 2020 COVID-19 Story

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Everything with COVID is different, there is alot that we need to do to prevent the spread of the virus. The spread is vapid, friends are getting it, family members are getting it. We were under quarantine for quite some time, and we were doing virtual learning. The virtual learning was rough, everyone was unprepared for the situation. Not only was the virtual learning hard, but so was maintaining your mental health. Staying home and not having much interaction with people other than your family is a bit rough. You will want to keep yourself occupied, and that can by with anything, drawing, going for a walk/run, watching TV, cooking/baking. Anything to keep you entertained and active in some type of way. This quarantine has been far from easy but it is what needed to be done for the sake of everybody's health. The world is going to be different for quite sometime now, the masks and social distancing seem to be the new normal for a while. But until that's over with everyone has to just do their part so this can all end faster. Washing your hands, not touching your mask unless you've sanitized, putting your mask somewhere clean when you take it off such as a zip lock bag, and getting a new mask everyday. You have to do your part the right way or it won't work, you'll just be cross contaminating germs and you will end up getting sick.
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This is a text story about my experience with the quarantine due to COVID-19

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