Statistics and Final Thoughts

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Statistics and Final Thoughts

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According to the crooked New York Times, there are 3.19 million cases of coronavirus in the United States. To add to that stat, the United States has 37,203 deaths from covid. With this data, about 1.2% of people who got corona in the United States died. Globally there are around 99.4 million cases and 54.9M of the people recovered from it. 2.13 million people died around the world from covid. My final thoughts about covid are that we should continue life as normal, we have never done these ridiculous protocols and suppressive acts for cold and flu season so why should we do it with a virus that is not as deadly as the flu. Covid has become more than a virus, why would people start riots and destroy people's personal property in the name of social justice? People cannot be told to shut down life and stop what they have been doing for thousands of years. Maybe if the government didn't lock down people there wouldn't be as many riots and evil things done. Covid has become more psychological than a physical virus.

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