Covid-19 Research and Thoughts

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Covid-19 Research and Thoughts

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I did a bit of research about the current statistics about Covid 19 in California. So far there have been about 3.9M cases of Covid-19, and 37,118 deaths so far. As of the 24th of January there have been 21,680 reported cases of it. I have a few final thoughts about living through this pandemic. It has been insane, schools have been closed, major events have been cancelled, everyone has to wear some sort of face mask to prevent spreading the disease to others. It affected everyone socially quite a bit, you couldn't see your friends as often as you used to be able to, and you couldn't go out and do anything with others because of shops closing down or being temporarily out of service.
Researching a little-bit about Covid-19 and a few Final thoughts

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