Statistics of Covid-19

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Statistics of Covid-19

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Worldwide there is 100M cases and about 25% of those cases are from the US. Of the 25.4M cases in the US 3.2M are from California and about 66,000 of those cases comes from Ventura County. In the world right now there are about 2.15M deaths. In the US there are 423K deaths. In California there are 37,500 deaths, and in Ventura County there are about 500. I have been affected by these statistics because my cousin got the virus a couple of months ago and he was pretty sick. He and his entire school had to quarantine for two weeks and someone had to go to the hospital because the school forgot to feed them for two weeks. My final thoughts on Covid-19 are that the virus has changed are daily live for probably forever. It is a terrible virus and I cannot wait for it to finally be gone.

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