Lesson Plan Oaks Christian Middle School JOTPY Unit


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Lesson Plan Oaks Christian Middle School JOTPY Unit

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This is a lesson plan developed by Oaks Christian Curriculum Designer Tricia Hacker for the Oaks Christian Eighth Grade class. It contains 9 lessons with readings and a choice of two or three journaling prompts following each reading.

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lesson plan

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My Christmas Corona Virus Story Linked Data Text
Covid-19 Christmas Linked Data Text
"Explain what you thought (or now think) about who or what is the cause of this current virus?" Linked Data Interactive Resource
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Cause of VIrus Linked Data Text
Covid-19 Linked Data Text
The Horrors (and Benefits) of Remote Learning Linked Data Text
my online school experience Linked Data Text
The Cause of Covid-19 Linked Data Text
What is Covid? Linked Data Interactive Resource
How Christmas Was different for me in the year of 2020 Linked Data Text
My experiences while learning virtually. Linked Data Text
Covid-19: sickness begins Linked Data Text
How covid has affected me Linked Data Text
Experiences of Covid Symptoms Linked Data Text
Symptoms of Covid-19 Linked Data Text
symptoms Linked Data Text
Covid-19 Statistics Linked Data Text
My Covid Experience Linked Data Text
Middle Schooler during Covid-19 Linked Data Text
Learning online Linked Data Text
Learning virtually Linked Data Text
Consider some of the rules or procedures that you have to follow, and tell your feelings about them. Linked Data Text
COVID Linked Data Text

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