COVID-19 Interview


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COVID-19 Interview
Advika Chaudhari and Matthew Bonfanti Oral History, 2021/09/23

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This is important because it provides the experience of students who had to adapt to several changes during the pandemic who may have had different experiences.

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Audio Interview

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Advika Chaudhari
Matthew Bonfanti

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Matthew Bonfanti
Advika Chaudhari

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Interview between Advika Chaudhari and Matthew Bonfanti 09/23/2021
Annotation by Amanda F. McCrary Smith 10/03/2021

Matthew states that the date is September 23rd, 2021. Advika Chaudhari states name and that it is 5:19 p.m. Matthew then asks, “do you give consent to be interviewed?”

Advika states, “yes, I do.”

Matthew asks, “When did you first see the pandemic as real issue and how did you react?”

Advika describes feeling like the pandemic was serious when it started to spread quickly and when shutdowns and quarantine began.

Matthew asks “How has the pandemic affected you or your family?”

Advika says that their family was not allowed to see their mother because of her job as a doctor. Advika says that their mom is the center of the family and because of fear of spreading it to the family, her mom had to spend time away from them and it was difficult.

Matthew asks, “What are some of the changes to your lifestyle that you made during the pandemic that you think will continue when it ends?”

Advika says that exercising was a healthy lifestyle change that will continue once the pandemic ends.

Advika says, “state your name and consent for the COVID-19 Archive project.”

Second person states name as Matthew Bonfanti (annotator's note: this is my best estimate on the last name). Matthew gives consent.

Advika asks, “What was your reaction after hearing about it spreading in China and did you think it would come to the U.S.?”

Matthew describes first hearing about the cases in China from father and did not care. But, then stated that their opinion changed when reminded that their sister visited China over winter break. Matthew also describes not thinking it would be a significant thing in the U.S. until schools closed.

Advika asks, “How did you do with remote learning, did you like it, how hard was it to adapt?”

Matthew describes not liking remote learning at all because their school changed the class schedule to add longer classes, which caused boredom in the spaces between classes. Matthew also notes that there was little motivation to do asynchronous work and that missing social interactions caused a lack of motivation to do well in school.

Advika asks, “Were you anxious or nervous at the peak of the pandemic and what about now?”

Matthew states that traveling on highways that were empty during the peak of the pandemic caused anxiety, but that they followed all the precautions and was vaccinated early on because of their job. Matthew says that they still continue to wear a mask and hand sanitize but there is much less anxiety and nervousness now.

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