A New Sense of Taste


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A New Sense of Taste

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The memory I related is about the difference in taste and smell before I had covid versus after. It is still altered in some ways and did not return as it was before. I still find it jarring eat something that I used to love only to find that it tastes different and I no longer like it.

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Emily Brignone

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Emily Brignone

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Emily Brignone explains her experience losing her sense of taste and smell after contracting COVID-19 and the ways in which her sense of taste and smell came back differently.

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Emily Brignone 00:01
Okay, so I got a positive COVID test on Thanksgiving Day of 2020. That was not fun. But two days later, my sense of taste and smell disappeared partially. And as surprising as it was to drink cranberry juice and have it not be distinguishable from water. The most jarring experience was actually when I got my sense of taste and smell back. Things that I'd lost the ability to taste or smell came back different than the way I remember them. So sense that I really liked, some foods I really liked, like when my favorite candies, Reese's, suddenly tasted different. Reese's consistently tastes burned to me now. Some things started that smelled good before started smelling like cleaner. It was very different. And it changed what I thought was, smelled good versus what I didn't think smelled good. And what I like thought was a good idea to eat and what I didn't. What I did and didn't like I became a much pickier eater because a lot of things had a weird aftertaste. And they still do. There are a lot of things that I used to really like that now I just can't eat anymore. They don't taste okay. Yeah, that was it altered things because even now I can remember what things tasted like before and what they tasted like leading up to November for my entire life and what my favorite foods were and what I think they taste like. And every time I eat them, and they taste different, it's still jarring because my brain knows what it should taste like and it doesn't taste like that anymore ever since I lost and then got back my sense of taste and smell.

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