Christian Sandoval Oral History, 2021/12/03


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Christian Sandoval Oral History, 2021/12/03

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An interview with Christian Sandoval, a UTSA senior who graduated during the pandemic, on how the pandemic affected his graduation and career options.

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Vianne Beltran

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Christian Sandoval

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Beltran, Vianne 0:01
Hello, would you like to introduce yourself?

Sandoval, Christian 0:03
My name is Christian Chase Sandoval.

Unknown Speaker 0:06
Where did you go to school, Christian?

Unknown Speaker 0:08
I recently graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio.

Beltran, Vianne 0:12
What year did you graduate? Do you remember?

Sandoval, Christian 0:14

Beltran, Vianne 0:16
Wow, you actually remembered this time? We had this discussion before. Did you walk the stage at UTSA?

Sandoval, Christian 0:24
I chose not to, because I would have had to wait until fall.

Beltran, Vianne 0:29
Of what year?

Sandoval, Christian 0:30
of 2021.

Beltran, Vianne 0:31
And were you disappointed?

Sandoval, Christian 0:33
I personally was not my family was your family was Who do you think was most disappointed in your family? My grandmother, Mary Ann.

Beltran, Vianne 0:43
Why was she disappointed?

Sandoval, Christian 0:44
Because she'd never seen any of her descendants walk the stage.

Beltran, Vianne 0:49
And who do you think oh, she saw who did she see next?

Sandoval, Christian 0:55
My sister,

Beltran, Vianne 0:55
Your sister. And how did she feel about that?

Sandoval, Christian 1:00
Very proud of her.

Beltran, Vianne 1:01
She's very proud of her.

Sandoval, Christian 1:02
watched it live? Not embarrassing, but she's watched over the the internet through as a Skype call, I believe.

Beltran, Vianne 1:10
Do you think she would prefer to see it in person?

Sandoval, Christian 1:12
I'm sure. But she's was suffering from health issues with the time.

Beltran, Vianne 1:19
Do you think you'll ever walk the stage?

Sandoval, Christian 1:21
Hopefully I will. After I graduate from the St. Mary's law program.

Beltran, Vianne 1:26
Oh, you plan to attend the St. Mary's law program?

Sandoval, Christian 1:29
I do.

Beltran, Vianne 1:32
Have you taken the LSAT, Christian?

Sandoval, Christian 1:33
I have I scored a perfect score. In my regards.

Beltran, Vianne 1:39
What did you score, Christian?

Sandoval, Christian 1:41
I'm not sure yet. I have yet to receive my results.

Beltran, Vianne 1:45
Where did you take your LSAT

Sandoval, Christian 1:47
At a computer inside my loving wife's home.

Beltran, Vianne 1:55
Did they offer the LSAT in person?

Sandoval, Christian 1:58
They did not due to the pandemic

Beltran, Vianne 2:00
To the pandemic? Would you have preferred it in person?

Sandoval, Christian 2:03
I would not. I do personally enjoy the privacy of my own home when I'm test taking.

Beltran, Vianne 2:09
Do you? So your final senior year?

My final senior year? Yes.

Your final your you know, when I leave the senior year of your UTSA career? Do you think it affected? You're supposed to take an internship weren't you?

Sandoval, Christian 2:24
It was and it was canceled? And it was supposed to take a replacement course which ended up being criminal psychology.

Beltran, Vianne 2:33
And you never did.

Sandoval, Christian 2:34
And I did. That's how I graduated.

Beltran, Vianne 2:38
Do you? Do you think that you missed out not taking an internship? Do you think that affected it?

Personally, I don't think so due to the fact that I have a very stable and strong career where I am a leader in my field. And I am still planning to attend school to get more career experience and educational experience.

Do you think that the pandemic has affected your career choices?

Sandoval, Christian 3:11
Personally, I don't think so I think in the pandemic my field that I initially wanted to go to before law is thriving.

Beltran, Vianne 3:20
Really you don't think it's...

Sandoval, Christian 3:25
I don't think it's what?

Beltran, Vianne 3:26
You don't you don't think you think it's like what's your field? You say your field?

Sandoval, Christian 3:31
My field would be security and civil protection?

Beltran, Vianne 3:37
Would you say it's increased? The need.

Sandoval, Christian 3:40
I would say increase during the pandemic due to the changing needs. It needs a lot of innovation and they're looking for young people with new ideas. Definitely.

Beltran, Vianne 3:52
If we went back to lockdown, you think that because you work at

Sandoval, Christian 3:57
my field would match I my current job would not change due to the fact that there would still be employees that need to be monitored, and I hold somewhat of a management position.

Beltran, Vianne 4:08
But what if there was

Sandoval, Christian 4:11
Like employees?

Beltran, Vianne 4:12
No, what if like, when you work at like a shopping center, like what if we switch back to like more online shopping

Sandoval, Christian 4:19
Then I would start to monitor employee theft and

Beltran, Vianne 4:23
I guess that's true.

Sandoval, Christian 4:24
Stuff like that. Internal fraud, I do a lot of fraud, credit card fraud overtures and going through finances to see if there's any errors or missing money. Let me ask you some questions now though. Being a current student at the end of the pandemic, how do you think it's affected you your social life, your schooling all that?

Beltran, Vianne 4:57
Well be see I've never had a socialized. So everything's the same as for schooling. Fully, it's really helped made me focus on schooling because there's nothing else to do. But just stay home.

Sandoval, Christian 5:17
Would you say that you prefer an online education moreso than having to go into the class? Or do you prefer going meeting face to face with your fellow students and teachers?

Beltran, Vianne 5:31
I feel like I like I like online classes, but I also like going and being forced to get up and get dressed.

Sandoval, Christian 5:42
So would you say that like going to class in person gives you a goal every day to wake up to more so like, than a online class where you can basically do it out of bed? I think what you're trying to say is that like, there's a certain drive behind it, that gives you a motivation to wake up in the morning and be productive more so than just flicking it in class and participating online through either a screen or a camera, etc.

Beltran, Vianne 6:10
Yeah, I think like with a class online, you just like, I feel like I can slack off more of like in person, I actually have to pay attention. Because there's an actual teacher like who can see me

Sandoval, Christian 6:23
What do you think of the quality of the education you receive, though between online and in person? Would you say that it's more detailed in person or online due to like, the ability, availability of the resources from the online more so than in person where you're not necessarily giving getting getting exclusive explicit handouts compared to being in person where it might be more of a general lecture?

Beltran, Vianne 6:51
You're too good at this. You should go back to school. I am going back to school. Well, St. Mary's should accept you right away. I hope I hope they do. St. Mary's if you're listening to this, it's St. Mary herself. St. Mary. Is that is that is a Virgin Mary. I don't know. St. Mary, if you're listening, hire this man. Christian, yes. So I'm taking back this interview. Because you kind of showing the up. Let's let's talk about the best thing that happened during the pandemic for you.

Sandoval, Christian 7:36
I think it was genuinely meeting you. As I'm not sure the person listening to this, will be aware, but we are in a multi year relationship at this point. And I've spent every moment of the pandemic by your side. And I feel like it is tested us as people and our relationship to a certain extent that I think we could figure out by now if it was gonna work or not. We didn't meet during the pandemic we met right before. Did we months before two months, three months before? Well, yeah,

Beltran, Vianne 8:06
We're old news, old news. And now we have two beautiful dogs. And a hermit crab

Sandoval, Christian 8:18
And a hermit crab.

Beltran, Vianne 8:20
And a dead hermit crab. And a cat, manifesting a cat

Sandoval, Christian 8:29
Manifesting a bird.

Ask me a question finish out this interview strong.

Beltran, Vianne 8:37
Okay, um, so if you get into St. Mary's Do you think you could do when I get when you get a manifesting St. Mary's? What do you think you could do law school online completely online?

Sandoval, Christian 8:51
I you know, I think I would prefer it.

Beltran, Vianne 8:52
You think you prefer it?

Sandoval, Christian 8:53
I would prefer I wouldn't mind going in to be I genuinely receive information better when I can go over it multiple times. And I think that having a pre recorded lecture or paperwork that I can read really helps people like me who struggle from ADHD when they might be thinking about something else while they're listening or they're hyper focused on another part of the topic.

Beltran, Vianne 9:16
Because so your senior year, I assumed there wasn't that much work to do.

Sandoval, Christian 9:21
I actually assumed there was more work than me in my late years because I had to close out strong and it was everyone was new to online learning. So we were being given experimental courses and it might have been more coursework than someone who showed up to the class every day was given.

Beltran, Vianne 9:41
So do you think it do you think online learning was detrimental?

Sandoval, Christian 9:48
Detrimental? I think it had the opposite effect on me but I could see how it can definitely be detrimental people who prefer an in person experience. I think it was more I definitely do. Learn more because I was able to review information more so than in person class.

Beltran, Vianne 10:06
So, if school switched completely online you think you would thrive

Sandoval, Christian 10:11
I think I would thrive I do well and unorganized environment personally.

Beltran, Vianne 10:17
You said unorganized. So you'd hope that your teacher to be completely just caught off guard by the switch.

Sandoval, Christian 10:25

Beltran, Vianne 10:28
Well, here's hoping then we switch.

Sandoval, Christian 10:31
Here's hoping for that new variant. I'm just kidding that is an absolute joke.

Beltran, Vianne 10:37
Here's hoping. Well, thank you for your wonderful time.

Sandoval, Christian 10:42
Thanks for interviewing me. You were great. You were eloquent. Well spoken. I'm glad we had this opportunity.

Beltran, Vianne 10:47
Thank you for just being such a wonderful participant. I love you goodbye.

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