Galina Pozharsky Oral History, 2021/04/21


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Galina Pozharsky Oral History, 2021/04/21

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Galina Pozharsky is a Russian immigrant who has been living in Eau Claire for the past 10 years. We discussed her views on why she believes Covid-19 is not that big of a deal and why she believes the pandemic is at least partially politically motivated.

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Andrew Pozharsky

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Galina Pozharsky

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Eau Claire
United States of America

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Galina Pozharsky is a Russian immigrant who has been living in Eau Claire for the past 10 years. We discussed her views on why she believes Covid-19 is not that big of a deal and why she believes the pandemic is at least partially politically motivated.

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Andrew Pozharsky 00:05
So the date is April 21, at 2:36pm. So I'm currently with my mother Galina Pozharsky and we're going to talk to her and get her. Get her thoughts on everything that's going on right now with the pandemic and the vaccine. So before we get started with mom, I do want to talk about some COVID-19 stats right now. So as it currently stands in Wisconsin, there has been 6904 deaths, that from the COVID-19, and across the nation, there has been recorded 577,857 deaths. So with all that in mind, there are you know, a lot of people out there who are very skeptical about the COVID-19. They don't feel that it's a really a big deal. So I guess my first question for you Is mom, like, how do you feel about the vaccine? Do you think it's a big deal? Or do you think that we're overreacting to it?

Galina Pozharsky 01:08
I think about illness by itself. Covid-19? Yeah, I think it's real. I think it's real, like any fool for example. Yeah. And I assume vaccine is working for some people. But in general, like, Yeah, I think the people is over acting over vaccination is like, they should consider it's like, any vaccination from any flu, for example, or from any other illness. So they shouldn't separate Covid from the other end, is what I think.

Andrew Pozharsky 01:52
So why do you think they did then? Like, why do you think that God

Galina Pozharsky 01:56
because if I look at statistics, it's not so big. It's not so stressful. So if you compare, for example, that there's from COVID, and there's from flu, and there's through, I don't know, cancer, for example, you're the surprise of how cancer for example, it's the numbers much, much bigger than number from Columbia. So I assumed often the doctors talking about COVID, if this is from an illness, but for example, the man or woman were sick and diseased or sick was with heart disease, for example, and discovered it and he is on a sheet diet and this about COVID because COVID somehow somehow

Andrew Pozharsky 03:13
like, exasperated, like caused it to trigger.

Galina Pozharsky 03:17
It's not a good little bit of meat as a reason for this was not exactly Covid You know, that's why I sync the number of COVID over is too much

Andrew Pozharsky 03:33
that you feel it's been inflated.

Galina Pozharsky 03:35

Andrew Pozharsky 03:37
So yes. Why? Like, why all this drama with COVID-19? Why do you think, you know, either the government or because there's a lot of doctors and experts who are telling us that this is a big deal?

Galina Pozharsky 03:50
Yes, it's true, but I still get some political stuff then medical.

Andrew Pozharsky 03:55
Okay. And so what do you feel would be like the political stuff behind it?

Galina Pozharsky 04:00
I don't know. I'm not political person. And I don't know and I didn't think too much about the match. It's obviously it's political stuff. Because democratic stuff if if to compare the democratic democratic states and Republican state states and campaigners a number of deaths and compare how's that people? How it deals with COVID and was the reason why the number in Republican states is less than number of deaths in democratic states. There should be some reason I didn't know I didn't deep on this stuff. Because I'm not a political person. Some and but obviously it's political reasons for number of this.

Andrew Pozharsky 05:08
Okay, gotcha. And so I guess a question for that. We're Where are you getting your information on these things? Like what would you say has been your main source of information on COVID?

Galina Pozharsky 05:20
Mostly from internet. Was the from internet from? Okay,

Andrew Pozharsky 05:30
what was the social media? Perhaps

Galina Pozharsky 05:33
social media? No. As a social media person. Capitalism made sense. I felt that the media the media, what is it? Just a me wasn't mostly.

Andrew Pozharsky 05:53
There was Facebook, like Facebook?

Galina Pozharsky 05:55
Comeon? Come on media. For people they love.

Andrew Pozharsky 06:00
Well, there's like, are you talking about like platforms like Facebook?

Galina Pozharsky 06:03
It's on my phone. And tell you instantly? Sure. Instantly. What is it? And it's YouTube.

Andrew Pozharsky 06:20
Ah, so YouTube?

Galina Pozharsky 06:22
Yeah. I love to look at you because you don't need to read. Yeah, I'm lazy person. Yeah, that's why I'm just listen to what other people saying. Yeah, actually, I'm listening. us from worse, Democrats and from Republicans. And let me just sink and I'm just impairing the information. And I see. I see. And I understandthat this political stuff. That's why I don't worry about cognitive examination. And today's a different reason why I don't think about it with us, Michael. Very bad immune system. So I know, as soon as I get this vaccination, I'm that on deck. I'm dead. As soon as I get this COVID. So I need just to be safe. Just

Andrew Pozharsky 07:29
Gotcha, I guess like how do you then feel about other people getting vaccinations? Like, what have I got a vaccination, for example?

Galina Pozharsky 07:36
I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about them, because vaccination is not studied yet. I know any vaccination need a lot of time to be proved to be certain. It's not safe. It's not it doesn't have side effects. It doesn't have any bad stuff. So we don't have this time. We know this COVID illness, not the watch time. So that is your just don't have a lot of time. And it looks like mass trial for people. So I know a lot of people who died immediately after vaccination. And Xavier, a very healthy man and woman and they died from some unexpected illness. And doctors were shocked. I know doctors who were shocked this is this, this why not intend to get this fascination. And I don't understand the people who try to get this vaccination. I know now, lots of people is it a line in Walgreens for exam and in hospitals from people who wants to go home I want to get this vaccination and I just don't understand why. Why just became just be careful. And think about this Covid like about any any flu. Do they think it's for the reason? I like the flu, for example. It's very, very bad illness. For some reason. There is a lot of bad illness you can get. But you don't worry about it. Why? Because you know it's Yes. It just seldom is not every people, every human (?). And everything is understood that if God wants you will gases, if you need for some reason, yes, the same as you get it. So just trust that just trust is he cares about. And don't worry about something. Don't worry about this. In general, everybody will be death someday. So

Andrew Pozharsky 10:40
So I guess in my experience, that's a very unique perspective, especially in like America, for example. Now you were born in Russia, and you did emigrate over to America. So I guess I are, how do people in Russia, your family members or friends you have? How do they feel about COVID-19? Do they feel the same way as you do? Or do they feel differently?

Galina Pozharsky 11:03
Or, you know, it's very strange, but now, doesn't matter who is president? What's the country is it and what's the country you live in? Everybody reacts the same way. All the rollers all people in the country say yes, the same way. There is a lot of people in Russia who wants who just, I don't know, dreams to get this vaccination. And a lot of people who skeptic so it doesn't matter for the country. The people and zero was act act as the same way that sent this very strange situation now.

Andrew Pozharsky 11:58
Gotcha. And so I asked about COVID-19. But when it comes to with vaccinations, I want to ask where you're getting your information on that. Are you also getting it from YouTube?

Galina Pozharsky 12:10
You know, no, you know, no, I'm sick from shingles. Shingles shield those illness. Any person who or who get chicken pox. Chicken works in a childhood can be sick. So if you get chicken pox in the childhood, you can get this shingles in an adult. Yes, but, or old man. So, and I know when the people get vaccination from chickenpox is they don't have shingles always have shingles and very simple. Very simple. example is better and much better, so much better to get a shingles vaccine. They are not no children. But chicken pox vaccination. For example, you got chicken vaccination, when you will check. So you, you can be worried about shingles for an adult. You will never have the shingles in my form. You know? Yes. That's why I sent some vaccination are a very good, do you understand me? Yeah. So I'm, for example, I've wanted on WJ get order for vaccination for his kids. Examination now from chickenpox because now I know it good vaccination. . And with vaccination, because I have shingles for three months. And I don't know when I can get me out. You know? Yes. Not every time. Vaccination is bad. No. So I can't say I'm against vaccination. No.

Andrew Pozharsky 14:26
But you are against the COVID-19 vaccination correct?

Galina Pozharsky 14:29
But COVID or any flu vaccination, or some other vaccination? Like vaccination of girls in the 15s there is some explanation or man. No, I'm against them. I'm against some vaccination. I don't think they're necessary. But I'm for some vaccination in the childhood.

Andrew Pozharsky 14:58
Okay, so I guess. How do you determine whether one vaccine is good, and one that is bad ?

Galina Pozharsky 15:06
is just experience. It just experience you know, some amps, experience and thinking you should understand what is vaccination and how it's working. And I know for example, any school or any COVID, they're very as a mutated very easily. So when you get vaccinations from one form for one shape is doesn't work from other any mutation, and your explanation doesn't work. So it's not certain, you understand as it is some illness certain they do not change. So if you do a vaccination, I got chickenpox. It doesn't mutate it. So anytime, you know, you got it. But when you do vaccination from COVID, it's like nothing. Because next time it's mutated, you not get an target, you know, you just like, didn't do vaccination.

Andrew Pozharsky 16:21
Gotcha. And you feel that there can be side effects to the vaccine, correct?

Galina Pozharsky 16:26
Oh, it's certain, and in some people, yeah. It's not what I think. It's what what experience show? Because there is a lot, there are a lot of people, or there is a lot of people get this vaccination. A, they did have a lot and say here, a lot of side effects. So it's just experience. II just time. Sure. This vaccine has a lot of side effects. It's not what I sent. It's what we haven't. What's the ahead? You understand?

Andrew Pozharsky 17:11
Gotcha. So, in terms of outside of like, your experience, and time, you did refer to that you watch some YouTube videos, correct. Or, you know, social media, and just thought going on the internet.

Galina Pozharsky 17:26
You know, I don't try to advise, because it's very stupid thing is if people have beliefs on vaccination, you can prove them, you can prove nothing. These people who believe in vaccinations, they will do explanation doesn't matter what you say. And there are people who are skeptical, they never will do vaccination. So I do not try to advise I know, it's just just based off time.

Andrew Pozharsky 18:07
You talked about believing. And so you seem to be suggesting that there are people who as like an act of faith, they trust the vaccines. And by extension, they trust the government. Is that what you're saying? Like the people who believe in vaccines? They do because they believe in the Expo

Galina Pozharsky 18:26
No Andrew. This is very interesting, but not all people who trust vaccine trust the government, as it is not the relation between the between it is like different stuff is absolutely different stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I know a lot of people who are not like government, who are against them about they still believe in this vaccination. Yeah. It's very interesting. No, there is no correlation.

Andrew Pozharsky 19:00
Well, may not be just like the government, for example, but it could also mean like experts, like a doctor says the vaccine is okay.

Galina Pozharsky 19:07
Good example, easy. Trump and Biden are different, right. But they are most for alternation there was, say vaccination, is that so? So,

Andrew Pozharsky 19:28
yeah, so you know, if Trump for example, would you say that vaccinees vaccination was good? There will be a group of people who would believe that correct?

Galina Pozharsky 19:37
No, no, no. There is no correlation between believing in political system or not even to some leaders and trust into vaccination. No, it's absolutely different stuff. So

Andrew Pozharsky 19:57
So is there a relation anywhere? Do you think like,

Galina Pozharsky 20:00
No relationship. No relationship. No. I understand. You know, I understand it's political stuff. What I mean, I mean, politics are using that stuff in a purpose. But people who believe or not believe in the vaccination, I understand that. And divided by two groups who believe in vaccination, or they just some people understand it's fully different stuff. So some people don't understand the political stuff, but they believe in numbers. Politics say so is because, you know, some just fear which is created by numbers helps the politics to get a cool fear.

Andrew Pozharsky 21:00
Okay. So fear mongering.

Galina Pozharsky 21:03
Yeah. But I just I don't know how it's working. I don't know how it's working and what they want to get, what's the goal what they want to get, but I just don't believe it says numbers. I don't believe in this. All this media fear around to convey it. And I don't believe in cognitive examination. It just me. Okay, it's my thinking.

Andrew Pozharsky 21:39
following up on that. I guess what makes you so unique in this regard? Because right now, the it's appears that the dominant view is that, you know, the vaccines are good, they're safe, and people should be taking them. You know, why is it that so many people believe in that, but you haven't? What separates you from a lot of other people?

Galina Pozharsky 22:03
Maybe smartness? I don't know. I didn't know what telling are people. I don't know either. I have no idea. And it's, it doesn't matter for me. Okay. If people want to die, it's a treat as a human freedom to do.

Andrew Pozharsky 22:35
Gotcha. Okay, gotcha. So, let's say that you are in charge of America, you know, just hypothetically, and you started hearing about COVID-19. You know, how would, how would you have the country responded?

Galina Pozharsky 22:52
Okay, I will say, Look, people Covid is, it's really bad stuff. Just be careful. You have some some ways to be safe. So you can bear this stuff. But it doesn't help too much. I mean, mask, you can manage but you should understand it doesn't help too much. Maybe just for you to be safe (Talking in background) Then next, you can get vaccination, but it doesn't work. And you should understand it has a lot of side effects. So it's up to you. It's up to people to wear a mask to make a vaccine or two. I will explain all dangerous from all this stuff. But probably Iive lead like Lukashenko, it's from Belarus or from I don't know, as a country who doesn't have any problem this step in or, you know, economy or something. I will live like any other day. So I will do not create any stressful situation from COVID. I just made a plan and I will give the word to the doctors. I'm not a doctor, I'm just politic. So I view find good doctors. The best doctors like Isaac gives them word and say say say people, how important is it to wear masks off to (??). How important is it? I'm looking down I'm just politics. And I will not stop the economy. I will not do I will not create all systems. That's what I would do. Like....

Andrew Pozharsky 25:14
Okay, so you talked about the, you know, trusting these doctors. What are the doctors said that it's important to wear masks or that we have to consider shutting down the economy. Oh, these are what the doctors

Galina Pozharsky 25:28
Yeah, it's very important as yours. Just there are two kinds of doctors. One doctor say it's not important budget. One doctor says important. Yeah. Yeah, the doctors whom I believe. Say it's not important. Say something different. It's doctors whom I believe.

Andrew Pozharsky 25:54
So doctors were in the minority.

Galina Pozharsky 25:58
That is in like majority. Like I understand now home I read home I listen, say it's not important.

Andrew Pozharsky 26:07
So I guess like why do you? Why would you trust that group of doctors more than you know, the majority of doctors.

Galina Pozharsky 26:13
It's not majority Andrew, you should understand. It's, again, your choice. Who you believe what doctors you will with? You is again your smartness. It's again your brain, you should they choose the doctors when you roll it? You should it should as it is that a lot of that so you should understand who is bullied? Who is just? I don't know. I don't know any good doctor who say it's important. Do you know?

Andrew Pozharsky 26:48
I do believe there is? I maybe pronounce his name wrong. But Dr. Fauci

Galina Pozharsky 26:54
I don't believe him. It's not the doctor. At first. Nobody believed him. From a good doctor who I mean, doctors who got a Nobel Prize for example, (??), or that who work at work as vaccine or Samsung? No, say Don't believe him. It's this that looks like a clown for me or not clown but...

Andrew Pozharsky 27:38
like a pseudo intellectual or a fake doctor.

Galina Pozharsky 27:43
A fake doctor. It's like a doctor. I don't know.

Andrew Pozharsky 27:48
So, I guess, is there a way to determine who to trust? Like, for example, it

Galina Pozharsky 27:56
isn't, I'll say just your brain. So the brain gassy choice is just your smartness. There is no way you can trust people you choose. You can trust doctors, you choose usuals all the time. It's your choice. It's your smart, it's your brain. Nobody else.

Andrew Pozharsky 28:20
Okay, it just like if you keep too you see me? Like over and over, I'm seeing a pattern that you seem to be referring to, who we choose to trust as kind of like an act of faith or belief. But like is it is belief the only way we can decide? Or is are things such as like looking at data? Or looking at facts?

Galina Pozharsky 28:39
Yeah, you should? Yeah, that's fine. How can you believe you're still looking for data? You? I don't know. Probably anytime you choose some people around you, who you believe and you listen to them. And Z, there is some you can be smart in any area, other field. So you can be you can be because it's a different field like medicine, as its alot different fields. So if you if people who you trust, say something about nd theya as patients, and they know what they think and what they do, for example, I know very good, it's a plumbing pastor. I believe him. He's a doctor. He's within an hour, but he knows what about the stuff abou. And it's like his first education, and he's politic, and he's very good at it. So I believe him. When he's talking about what The Nation, I believe him, I believe what's he talking about? Because he knows I don't also stuff. He knows this stuff. So first one, choose the people whom you believe, okay, in the different fields for them in medical, medical style, medical field in politic, political group and (?) what they talking about, and choose your way. I don't know what the other way we can be smart in any field.

Andrew Pozharsky 30:35
Okay, so I guess, how would you? How would you get to trust someone? What makes you try to know and do it?

Galina Pozharsky 30:43
It's not a question for me. It's for a psychologist. How people find the other people you can trust? I don't know, maybe it's some field. Maybe Samsung, beyond us. You know, we don't know how we can trust other people.

Andrew Pozharsky 31:02
Well, is it possible that you know, could evidence play a part in that? So someone's like, I have evidence? Here's why you should trust me.

Galina Pozharsky 31:09
Evidence any worth any people you can choose from have some evidence, but for some reason, you believe this evidence and you don't believe in as evidence you understand? I don't know how it's heaven. As the (??) beakers and we just sinking (??) bigger beyond us. We just feel it. We just feel it's like electromagnetic fields between people. We can see but we can feel. Okay, it's a very, very good question. But this question is beyond our knowledge.

Andrew Pozharsky 31:57
So it's kind of like an intuition.

Galina Pozharsky 31:59
It's like intuition. Yes.

Andrew Pozharsky 32:03
Gotcha. So, in your view, evidence, you know, facts, data, they don't really play a part in this, like, every both groups, you know, people who believe in vaccines and believe in COVID-19 as a big threat, and those who don't, they have like, equal amount of evidence, but who believes in them is based on like, their trust are their power?

Galina Pozharsky 32:27
Yes. Andrew, this evidence, because I am not a specialist, because I'm not the person who knows medical stuff. Yeah, I should choose a person who is who knows this stuff. And, and I choose to believe Him or do not believe help him or affirm. I choose just person whom I can't believe it, who can understand who then manages dates and understand what the dates are. And he or she is just explained to me, it's up to me to believe him, or, or to not believe. And it's a difference what person you choose, you can choose this person and as a person can choose different person and they can be different so and whom way it choose? Andrew? It's okay. It's really big question is a good question. But it's a big question. I don't know how we choose. Okay, it's a you, you know, when you live in you, boo in some way. And this way, sooner or later. They give that are those people? How is happened? I don't know. For example, for the last half year, I listen to different people. And from first time I don't want people but then I decided to choose another people. You know, it's not strictly

Andrew Pozharsky 34:21
Gotcha. Do you feel that most people are like that too? Like,

Galina Pozharsky 34:27
because, you know, I'm not a social person. I'm not talking with as the pupil, I'm just people. I'm just sitting and listening and looking and watching (??) and thinking about is the person I'm talking to this mostly just, you know, over the years, I didn't know I had Talking results. But I didn't talk to you a lot, right? Maybe one time or two times?

Andrew Pozharsky 35:09
About like, COVID-19, I'm sure. Yeah. And as you said in the previous in this, he said that you're not here to advise, right? Like, you're like, You're not telling people that they have to

Galina Pozharsky 35:22
think like this. No, no, no, I'm not advisor.

Andrew Pozharsky 35:26
And that's probably why you did it. I'm guessing. That's why you didn't talk to a lot of people about this, then it decides me.

Galina Pozharsky 35:32
Yeah. I think if it's smart people, they can understand if they if they're stupid people, you can prove anything to them.

Andrew Pozharsky 35:44
Gotcha. And at that point, it's then a matter of faith. Yes, or belief? Yes. All right. So really, at the end of the day, you know, the pro vaccine people and the anti vaccine people, it's really a matter of trust in a system or a person or Yes,

Galina Pozharsky 36:04
yes. Yes. No, just trust, sheer fear. Fear. Yeah. So very, very nice.

Andrew Pozharsky 36:13
Based on this is a fear,

Galina Pozharsky 36:16
say trust any person who say it's okay. It's okay. It's, it's good. It's good. Because say, looking for a decision as a fear as a death, safety or the death and see, listen, any person who say, look, look, this vaccine are taking you from death. And then there's fear. It's not about trust, it's more about fear.

Andrew Pozharsky 36:44
Okay. And in your view, because you're not afraid of death, you see.

Galina Pozharsky 36:51
There's, it's not merely for me.

Andrew Pozharsky 36:54
Yeah. So in your view, you're able to see a higher, higher picture than

Galina Pozharsky 36:58
Okay, yeah. Because I'm not. Yeah, probably.

Andrew Pozharsky 37:01
All right. So I guess, for these people, like, do you? Do you feel that they're right to at least some degree? Because they may say like, they have data? Or they have evidence? How do you even respond to that?

Galina Pozharsky 37:21
even don't think about it? And they don't look? Yes, he's just look into Andrew found very good. What is fear? It's fear. It's not classful. It's not again, it's not it just fear of the death. If people who fears death, they trust in anyone who says this vaccine is taking you from death, and they believe to anybody doesn't matter for them? Who says this word. So fear, fear, people who doesn't have fear, safe, probably skeptical. They sink in about they looking for a date? They looking for people, you know, but mostly people are fear of death. They don't want to be that. So are they going to as a Russian to walk into any hospital to take Suboxone? Because they didn't want to be dead. Yeah.

Andrew Pozharsky 38:30
Do you think it could go the other way, too? So there might be people who don't want to acknowledge this death? They don't want to acknowledge

Galina Pozharsky 38:37
here is this people mostly, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They don't think about that. Most they don't think about it. They just trust to data says they just trust a doctor is they don't want to be that sets it down. They don't want as they don't think about political stuff. They don't think about numbers. They don't think about anything. Just doctor said. It's okay. It's good. So they rush and guess is that sense? Okay. Yeah.

Andrew Pozharsky 39:16
So I guess for my final question for this interview, you know, you're talking about a lot of people are victims of fear, or, you know, fear mongering from politicians or other systems in place. I guess. How do you how do you know that you're not a victim of this as well? Like, how do you know that you're not being pander to or someone's not manipulating you?

Galina Pozharsky 39:40
Yeah, maybe you answer already because I don't read this. And I was thinking about very quietly, very.

Andrew Pozharsky 39:54
You're not being emotional about it.

Galina Pozharsky 39:56
Very cold. Yes, I have called Mind"Okay, it's not so bad". Not so I'm looking for number and say, Oh, it's not so bad. It's bad like any flu. Yeah, it's very bad illness. If I got this commit, I will be dead as well. I understand it. And I if I bought Yeah, if I get COVID But if I go to vaccine, I will get this. This illness for sure. You know, maybe I will COVID It's just cheers for me. But if I go to work the nation, it's 100 personal for me, I got this illness, you understand? And I will die. It's just for me. Doesn't matter what is it? Vaccination or COVID? I feel that I ended. But COVID IV of the eye, maybe I will have this commit. Maybe it's a chance. But vaccination if I get is for sure.

Andrew Pozharsky 41:10
So you're rolling the dice on there's hoping Yes.

Galina Pozharsky 41:12
i You must be dead as well. But I know vaccination for me. Is that for sure. That's for sure. And carry it is this for sure. But COVID is not for sure. Well, let's hold this from diabetes for a year. But they can be it in general for me is is under circulation. Maybe I will be out it

Andrew Pozharsky 41:46
Well, we'll hope for the best. I guess that concludes this interview. Thank you very much for taking the time to discuss your thoughts about COVID-19

Galina Pozharsky 41:56
Okay, enjoy is better. You didn't see me or you or you you saw me. This you see me.

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