Refugees & Immigrant Community for Empowerment (RICE)

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Refugees & Immigrant Community for Empowerment (RICE)

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Refugee and Immigrant Community Empowerment Center (RICE) is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving and assisting Refugees, Asylees and Immigrants in the Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area, created to close the service gaps that remain after the 90-day resettlement period. RICE is directed by a team of leaders from all over the globe and that works directly with local partnerships to strengthen social services and prevent unnecessary hardships for immigrants and refugees. By advocating and promoting education, dialogue and awareness, RICE identifies the potential for new opportunities then integrates them back into our refugee and immigrant communities.
The RICE mission is to aid refugees and immigrants in becoming self-sufficient and contributing members of the economic growth of the community by creating resources and opportunities to training and education in preparing for employment in the community.
The Refugees & Immigrant Community for Empowerment (RICE) received aid from the ASU/Luce Covid-19 Rapid Response project.
Community served: Refugees, migrants, & asylum-seekers; Mixed-status families
Project: Rent and utility assistance, food boxes, hygiene/PPE kits, and cleaning supplies

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September 16, 2020

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Erin Craft

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Erin Craft

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Cronkite-Luce Fellowship

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Arizona State University

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