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Collected Item: “My experience with Covid-19”

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My experience with Covid-19

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I remember when me and my family first heard of Covid-19, none of us took it seriously. We just thought it was going to stay for a little while and then leave. None of us really worried about and neither did no one in my school, not even the teachers. So before quarantine started and schools closed down, I remember it was a friday on March 13 I was getting ready to go to highschool. I was in my senior year at that time and I remember that in the middle of the day, I started to feel lightheaded, I felt like I was having a fever and my whole body was shutting down. At that time I thought I had a cold or maybe it was something that ate, but one of my friends told me I should just go home. I got home and called my mom telling her I came early because I wasn't feeling great and then blacked out in the couch. I think it was the next day where me and my family found out that schools were closing down, the country was going to close down and we were all going in quarantine. All of us started freaking out and my symptoms were getting worse. I would wake up in the middle of the night because I couldn't breathe and I couldn't even go to my doctor. My mom was kind of in denial because in the first week I was pretty sure I had Covid, but my mom thought it might have been allergies or the cold. I called my doctor and she told me she was was pretty sure I had Covid and the only thing I could do right now was stay at home and if i feel like I can't breathe to use my asthma pump or my nebulizer. My parents thought she was crazy, but told me I should still follow her advice. I called my friends that day and asked if they had any symptoms since they were with me when I was sick. Thankfully no one was but at that there wasn't a clear way to know since they could of been ant symptomatic. I remember just hearing so many rumors on how to stay safe, such as wearing plastic gloves which we found out were useless in a few days when a nurse told my father not to do that. I ended up spreading the virus to my mom and my sister, but the thing was that my sister only felt those symptoms for a few days and then she was fine. My mom on the other hand was not but at least she didn't have any breathing problems. It did leave some effects on my asthma when I didn't have Covid. Me and my mom both lost our sense of taste and smell for a little while, but at least we were alright. My mom had to work online and my father was still working as an uber driver which made him the most vulnerable to the virus. A lot of people who entered the car never wanted to put on their masks and there were so many regulations for my dad and other drivers to get used to. It took a while to get used to it, but we were able to still make money and at least no one else got the virus.

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Javier Arias

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The beginning of my story takes place at my old highschool which is Union Square Academy for Health sciences. The rest takes place at neighborhood which is Queens, Ridgewood.

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I am a student and this is my 1st year at brooklyn college, but my second year in college.

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HNSC 2100, Spring 2022, M. Horlyck-Romanovsky

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