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Collected Item: “The Beach”

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The Beach

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Many people consider the beach as a memorable place regardless if it was a positive or negative experience. Going to the beach had me radiating positivity; something I had not felt in a while. It was chilly day where barely anyone was there because of the weather but also the pandemic was still arise. It was a perfect place to escape your problems, yet escaping reality eventually became inevitable. Soon the funs from the New York Aquarium , Coney Island Beach, IHOP and even the Q train came to an end when what it seems like thousands of people came to my house. And soon enough my mother did too with an event that quickly changed my life and my family as a whole.
This story that I have told indicates the possible outcomes of the pandemic: death. This story is important to me because it really changed me as a person and who I am today. The loss of someone you were close to is big event in your life you can never forget. It is also important to me because it made me realize that people really underestimate diseases because of how it is perceived. For COVID-19, no one would expect anyone to die unless they were old or were immunocompromised, yet it happened. It was and is still treated as something that can pass over you but it does not. It can either affect your from first hand or second hand whether you get it or not. This outcome from the pandemic is an event that you will never forget.

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HNSC 2100, Spring 2022, M. Horlyck-Romanovsky

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