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Collected Item: “Jupinese JuJu Covid-19 video”

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Jupinese JuJu Covid-19 video

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Since March 2020, the Hungry March Band, for which I have played tenor sax for about 20 years, has been on pause. We have not met, rehearsed, or done a gig this whole time. The only thing we have done is to create a few Covid-19 videos, in which everyone gets to have a different panel, since we can't all be together-the the editors mash everything together. This one is to the music of one of our oldest songs, Jupinese-JuJu. What I particularly love about the video is that we included shots of long time fans, emeritus members, and their families. I put in a couple of screen shots of me and my spouse (he's the pillow man) and a link to the video on Youtube.

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photograph, video

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Emily Fairey

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The Hungry March Band

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Hungry March Band
music in quarantine
quarantine videos

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Emily Fairey
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