Patricia Tate Oral History, 2022/03/11


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Patricia Tate Oral History, 2022/03/11

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Self description: “My name is Patricia Tate. I consider myself a healer. I use astrology, tarot, I’m a Reiki Master, and I use Aka Dua, and so I’m an energy worker. And the goal is to help work with others through whatever they… or to guide them or to give them information. I receive dreams. And yeah, I don’t know what else you’d want to know about that.”

Some of the things we discussed included:
Knowing something big was coming from astrology; preparing with adult children for change; new beginning; pushing comfort zones.
Adult daughter moving home during the pandemic.
Digital connections and the air element; the importance of in-person connection.
Moving homes, downsizing hoarding, reconnecting to space.
Take clients home to do energy work.
Socially distanced reiki work.
Recent traveling in an RV; campgrounds and other state facilities being shut down because of the pandemic.
Family moving away during the pandemic; letting go; separation from parents and social distancing; driveway visits with parents.
Husband had COVID early in the pandemic; neighbor died early in the pandemic.
Catching COVID in December 2021; holistic treatments; going to the doctor; slow test results; symptoms.
Fear of dying alone in the hospital and staying home.
Different ideas about medicine and health in the family; discussions with family members and vaccination decision; others’ assumptions about masking and vaccination status.
Fibonacci sequence, ley lines, pyramids.
Routine falling apart during the pandemic.
Commitment to service; volunteer services shutting down: Appalachia Service Project
Equinox and Spring Seed Festival; Serpent Mound; ceremony; Goddess gatherings
Social media and policing safety behavior.
Old structures collapsing and making room for the new: governments, hospitals, schooling.
The war in Ukraine; nation’s and national leader’s astrology charts; synastry charts.
The move to greener energy.
Planetary alignment in April 2023.
Choice and trauma; that we chose when we came into the world and learning lessons from that generation; free will and determinism in astrology.
The difference between surviving and thriving.
Shadow work.
Helping clients learn to use video-chat and Zoom; technological change, life before computers; Zoom Thanksgiving.

Some other cultural references included: Zoom, GoogleMeet, YouTube

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March 11, 2022

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Kit Heintzman
Patricia Tate

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Kit Heintzman

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English Health & Wellness
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Kit Heintzman

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Patricia Tate

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United States Of America

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Some of the things we discussed included:
Knowing something big was coming from astrology; preparing with adult children for change; new beginning; pushing comfort zones. Adult daughter moving home during the pandemic. Digital connections and the air element; the importance of in-person connection. Moving homes, downsizing hoarding, reconnecting to space. Take clients home to do energy work. Socially distanced reiki work. Recent traveling in an RV; campgrounds and other state facilities being shut down because of the pandemic. Family moving away during the pandemic; letting go; separation from parents and social distancing; driveway visits with parents. Husband had COVID early in the pandemic; neighbor died early in the pandemic. Catching COVID in December 2021; holistic treatments; going to the doctor; slow test results; symptoms. Fear of dying alone in the hospital and staying home. Different ideas about medicine and health in the family; discussions with family members and vaccination decision; others’ assumptions about masking and vaccination status. Fibonacci sequence, ley lines, pyramids. Routine falling apart during the pandemic. Commitment to service; volunteer services shutting down: Appalachia Service Project. Equinox and Spring Seed Festival; Serpent Mound; ceremony; Goddess gatherings. Social media and policing safety behavior. Old structures collapsing and making room for the new: governments, hospitals, schooling. The war in Ukraine; nation’s and national leader’s astrology charts; synastry charts. The move to greener energy. Planetary alignment in April 2023. Choice and trauma; that we chose when we came into the world and learning lessons from that generation; free will and determinism in astrology. The difference between surviving and thriving. Shadow work. Helping clients learn to use video-chat and Zoom; technological change, life before computers; Zoom. Thanksgiving.

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Kit Heintzman 00:00:00

Patricia Tate 00:00:01
Hi there.

Kit Heintzman 00:00:02
Would you please start by stating your full name, the date, the time and your location.

Patricia Tate 00:00:08
My name is Patricia Tate. I go by Willow Grace mystic and the date is Friday 3/11/ 22. And the time is 9am. And I am in Barberton, Ohio, USA.

Kit Heintzman 00:00:26
And do you consent to having this interview recorded, digitally uploaded and publicly released under Creative Commons License attribution noncommercial sharealike?

Patricia Tate 00:00:35
I do

Kit Heintzman 00:00:37
Would you please start by introducing yourself to anyone who might find themselves listening to this? What would you want them to know about you and the place that you're speaking from?

Patricia Tate 00:00:46
So my name is Patricia Tate. People, I consider myself a healer. And I use astrology. Taro. I'm a Reiki Master. And I use akatoa. So I'm an energy worker. I'm an energy worker. And the goal is to help work with others through whatever they are to guide them or give them information. I receive dreams. And yeah, I don't know what else you'd want to know about that. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:01:23
Would you tell me a story about life and the pandemic.

Patricia Tate 00:01:28
Life and the pandemic was difficult. It started off with, I knew, so I follow astrology. And I knew that something big was going to happen. And I knew it was going to be happening for a longer period of time, I have two adult children spoke to both of them about how to prepare for it. And because none of us had ever lived through anything like that, and the pandemic, I believe was, it was time in coming to create change. And it was going to be hard and fast. But nobody would expect all of the things that happened because of it. And I immediately everything shut down. So my daughter came home and live with us for about three weeks and found a different job that she could do through the internet. And we kind of settled into a what is going to be our new normal with I was seeing clients in person, I was teaching classes, Tarot and astrology, and Reiki in person. And I knew that we were going into the Age of Aquarius, that everything would be connecting with others, but it would need to be in the form of air. And I had to embrace What does air mean. And air is the internet and text and phone and all kinds of, of different like ways to connect, which were not in front of us. And I knew that this, what was happening was meant to shut down old systems that were archaic, and we have them forever in order to promote change and growth. And so that was to expose gaps and holes. And so for the outside world, it was the gaps in our medical hospitals needed to be updated. Government things needed to change with the way we vote. But on a smaller scale for me. I had known those things, but was not. I was working towards them. But I was resisting it. So it was a quick learn of how do I zoom? How do I meet other people's needs and still keep a distance? How do I and I couldn't go to an office like I was working out of a holistic center. And they were shut down. They said no, we are shutting down for three months for sure nothing's going to be happening. And I still had people that wanted to see me that wanted to connect with me. So it was me learning quickly, to take my classes and put them to create slideshows to teach people how to use Zoom to I opened up my home. My and when when we moved, that was like another my husband and I spent time a lot of time driving around and saying this is meant for big change. What are what are we willing to now take a jump. Let's just take this leap and say this is what we want to do. We've lived in the same place since our children were younger, and had a lot of memories. And this was meant to get rid of the old to build structure for the new and I people will say They oh go flow like water. And I do give that advice. I don't flow like water. I flow like lava, you know, fire over Earth. And so I embraced a new home in the middle of COVID, I got rid of a lot of things that were holding me back. And I'm embracing this new beginning of connecting. And going out into the world. With new eyes, we actually took a trip out west, we have an RV. And they said, the camping, you know, anywhere that we wanted to camp, sure, you can come here, but you better have your own facilities for using the restroom and doing your laundry, I can definitely do that. We had our own restroom, and I can wash the clothes in the sink. And we saw things we did things that were and I, I was not ready to do that. And my husband said it's now or never, you said we need to embrace new things, take advantage of this opportunity, and connect far wide and see and do things. So we did and I met people that I would not have connected and now we can stay connected through the internet, through Facebook, through Instagram through zoom. And I can't wait to go back like I've been back once to one area. And we've gone to other areas like going down to Florida gone out west. And it has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and try to work less out of fear. I embraced more of I never had grey, I mean, I had gray hair. But COVID You cannot go get your hair colored. So there came a point when I just said, Okay, there's something around 50 It was 50 and eff it. And I just started to say, I'm going to embrace who I authentic am and gray hair everything. And who's meant to find me will find me and who is not will drift away. And so COVID was hard in the beginning. And I'm learning to work with it because I had to remind myself, in order to continue to take care of others, I had to do check ins and take care of myself. And that required me doing like in the beginning I was doing a weekly tune up, I called it a tune up with my chiropractor, because the stress in my body was making me ill and taking upon other people's energy was draining. And I would go there and they would just take it away and relieve it. And I thought this is what I need to do for others. This is what I do for others. And this is why it's so important that we still come back together. We have to have in person for some things we we just cannot do everything over zoom there needs to be that connection. Yeah. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:08:09
I'd love it if you told me about some of the people you met and how you met them because social connections have been so transformed. So when you're traveling, what did that look like?

Patricia Tate 00:08:22
Oh, so we traveled once in the at the high point of good. We went to campgrounds and saw amazing people there and walked in with a map and said, I want to see anything that's off the beaten path and locals, you go to a coffee shop, you go somewhere and locals would see you with the map and come over and say you don't want to go here. You want to go here, here, here and here. And I basically let people plan out our day to go see the most off beat places that I would have never seen beautiful. You know we would pack a lunch, take our dog and go for the day. There were there were places that we were completely welcome. And there were states littoral states that they shut off the rest areas and set and the sign said keep driving. not welcome here. They didn't have the people to clean it. They didn't have they did not have the ability to so it was one of those. You just keep on driving and there I get it. COVID is real. I understand. We had people who passed away that was a painful the disconnection of family. It was painful. I had my own parents who would not get within a car lengths of us and it was fear of them. Dying fear of giving something to me Dying, it was an like they up and moved. Like they said, No, we're going to go down to Florida because if we have to be stuck inside, we need to be able to get out and about. And so there were a lot of catalysts for change. And there were, I struggled with it. And I had to remember, no appreciate and love people with where they are, and love them with where they're not. And they don't always have the same values and the same feelings as I do for things. People died and people got it. And were very, I got it, I was very, very sick, very sick, and vaccinated, still very, very sick. And there was a point in time when I thought I might have to go to the hospital and my husband's sister's, a nurse in the in that unit, and she just kept saying, get her up, walk around, and I worked with my chiropractor, to try and give me the supplements and everything that I needed. But I, I embraced that this is going to happen. And I'm going to make the best of whatever situation that's in front of me with the people that I've met. And some of the people that that are out there, they were just there were some places that didn't believe in it. And there was something like we walked into a rodeo, no lie of rodeo. Got a dog because at last, you can take your dog anywhere, sitting there with our dog between our ankles, watching this rodeo with our masks on at high COVID. And the people around us said Are you sick? Why are you wearing it? What's wrong with you, if you're sick, you need to move over there. And we immediately took off our masks because it was like a shame. You know, like, take it off. So we just adapted to with wherever we were. And we're able to do a lot of things outside. And it was it was an experience that if you don't see how other people were living, you don't get it by living in your bubble in your house, you know, through the internet through zoom or through text or anything, but I was still able to see clients through zoom or through my phone. A lot of people at that time did not understand even how to do the zoom. But they knew under they didn't understand how to do video chat. So you just you know pop the phone up there and can talk about their Astrology can talk about the taro can you know like, this is what you should expect and things like that. So yeah, it was it was it was a gift. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:12:42
Would you be willing to share more about when you got sick? So like, when like when the actual like, time of year. [both talking] So and also what it was like

Patricia Tate 00:12:56
cool. So this was this Christmas, so probably okay, so this is the beginning of the month. But backtrack. A week and a half before Christmas, two weeks before Christmas. I knew that I was fighting something off, I could feel it. I'm pretty I'm really in tune to my body. And I made an appointment to the chiropractor and they said, Okay, here's some vitamins, here's some supplements. I use. I use a red light. It's like an ultraviolet heals, like on the inside. It's for arthritis and other things. And I started to go downhill. And I went to the doctor on a Saturday, my husband said that's it. You know, I I didn't lose smell or taste. I was exhausted, absolutely exhausted. And I had started to cough and didn't think that I could, I had canceled all appointments I had even on Zoom. I'm like you cannot give from an empty cup and went to the doctor took the COVID test. It came back negative. They said we're going to send another one off, and you can go back to work. There's nothing you know, like, you'll be fine by Monday and this was Saturday. And so I said no, I'm going to be taking off for sure. Monday and Tuesday. And on Monday they contacted me back and said no the test results came back you definitely have COVID Well by then I'd already gone way downhill with I'm coughing I'm hacking. I'm struggling to breathe. I was doing the zinc the vitamin, you know the the vitamin C I was doing the colloidal silver. I was I was scared. I was laying down and did not have the energy to get up and do anything. My husband was like periodically pounding on my back to relieve the buildup of because I was unable to breathe. And we had had a couple of people that were close to us pass away. And it brought fear to me because they passed away alone in the hospital, and family could not even visit them. And my husband and I had a conversation about it, if I get bad enough, are we going to take me into the like, what are we going to do? And we'd already agreed, he said, I'm just, I'm just not going to take you, you know, like, it's, it's not going to get any better there. And his sister said, You cannot go do not come in here. It you know, like, you'll be alone. So I just pushed through with the vitamins, the supplements, the breathing, the red light, a lot of prayers, a lot of hope, wish, pray, send it on out there. And I did lose smell, I did lose taste. And I finally turned a corner. It was seven days of really hard 10 days before I could get up off the couch. Because my goal was to go from couch to bed, bed to couch, and I didn't want to give it to my husband. But the deed was already done. Like we were already connected together. I knew my husband had COVID when COVID first came out, and they didn't know what it was, my husband had COVID. And he was sick and had a hard time breathing high fever, the whole nine yards.

Patricia Tate 00:16:25
My fever was was terrible in the beginning, and then he got over it. And I figured since I was with him, I'd already picked up a little bit of the immune system. Then my son had had it and I was already around him before we knew he'd had it Thanksgiving that before I got it. Then when I got it, I had an idea of like when I picked it up, you know, like I had slacked off on washing my hands after touching doorknobs and things like that. But I knew that my body was constantly fighting off. And I needed to be healthy. I believe that we're exposed to it all the time, we're exposed to all kinds of stuff all the time. And then when our body is not healthy, our immune system drops. That's when we are subject to pick up things. And my body was exhausted. And so after 10 days, I started to come back and to the real world. I was taking, like a couple naps a day. And this was over like the Christmas break. I did. My husband looked at me and said, What do you want. And I said, I need to go down to see my mom and dad called them said, Okay, I passed a test, I need to see my daughter, I need to see my parents. He drove us down to Florida and I spent like four days with my parents. And then by then I'm taking less, you know, not napping. And then I went down and saw my daughter and said okay, plus, being near the ocean was amazing. Just breathing it in. And then coming back and prioritizing some things in my life that life is short, like we'd already made big changes by moving and what do we what do we want to do with this last third of our life. And everything that I do from this point on has to bring joy to me, I don't have to work. I work because I want to work we've it's, you know, like, I don't have to, I want to do it out of joy that brings pleasure to me and I need experiences of seeing the world and seeing my family and having those connections and COVID kind of gave you a second glimpse into appreciate the moments because things mean nothing like you can replace something anytime. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:19:00
What was day to day life looking like pre COVID, and then during?

Patricia Tate 00:19:06
Pre COVID, COVID We had a routine we had a schedule. Everything was we had a routine and schedule, and I could meet in person and I could hug hugs mean, like hugs are a form of sharing energy from one person to another. And it's an immediate transfer of or touching hands and working Reiki with people you are working like around their body. Pre COVID was a connection. And after COVID We had this immediate shutdown where everybody kind of settled into less going out less you know, because you were you were isolated, seeing less of others. I have groups that I meet with you So we would Google meet, or we would meet in a parking lot, because I still needed to see these people in person. And you know, you sit in your car, I'm in my car, they're in their car. Because I'm in Ohio, the car is running and the heat is on. But we can still be in our cars. I could visit my parents. And we could sit in the backyard. If it was a nice day, that wasn't a nice day. They were they bought a heater for the garage. So we could sit there, our Thanksgiving. It was hard with with I have adult children and parents. And there were all these memories of Christmases and traditions. And I knew that this was the catalyst for change. And we did a zoom. And so I said, Okay, I can't see everybody in person, even if they were down the road, like my mom and dad only lived 12 minutes from me at the time. There was no getting together, they were not going to share plates, they were not going to because I even suggested, like everybody bring their own meal and we just sit in a circle Kumbaya, yes, or no, they refuse to even do that. So we would have a Zoom meeting with my family, we zoom that with my husband's family, where everybody had their meal, we did a breakfast. So it was a really great breakfast. And then we talked that way. I my husband and I and son and his fiancee, we would deliver meals every year for Thanksgiving. That didn't happen. There was nobody to cook these meals, there was nobody to deliver these meals. I would do mission I saw, I do the Appalachian service project ASP. And it's with three local churches for mission trip work to in along the Appalachian Trail, there are people and with their homes, it's to make their homes warmer, safer, drier. And so three churches, they get together, they go down for a week, they stay either in a church or a school. And they work on these homes. I had done that for years, and known these people that we only get together for fundraising, or for the actual event. Because I didn't belong to either three of the churches. And that didn't happen. There was no and so then you worry about what are these people doing? How are they you know, like, I knew I we were okay. But you worry about everybody else because that becomes your extended family. So you connect and reach out but you're no longer able to serve people. And a big huge part of who I am is I give back in order to receive I I love I love being part of community and I love being part of different types of communities. Like I'm, I'm going to be going to the Serpent Mound this next weekend. And that is all Native Americans some four out west that I met out west that I will get a chance to see them again at the spring seed Festival. It's a a solstice festival. And so it's me saying okay, we can connect again at this event we can so I'm looking for events or places where I can stay connected to people that I've met and to meet others that are like minded because we are not going to be we don't want to be isolated we want to be you know out there part of the whole part of the whole yeah

Kit Heintzman 00:23:51
it sounds like you and your parents have very different boundaries and needs and I'm wondering how you negotiated those?

Patricia Tate 00:23:58
Not very well. My parents Sorry, I just need one sec

Kit Heintzman 00:24:21
Take all the time you need and we

Patricia Tate 00:24:23

Kit Heintzman 00:24:23
Can Of course stop.

Patricia Tate 00:24:25
Yeah, sorry.

Kit Heintzman 00:24:26
No. Nothing to apologize for

Patricia Tate 00:24:36
So my parents and I were very close. They lived down the road or not really down the road. They lived in the next town over and I could see them whenever I wanted to see that. All holidays we saw both my parents and my husband's parents. My husband's parents were there. Like 10 years older than my parents, and their view, when COVID hit. They were definitely scared, they definitely isolated. But their their rule was, if you are sick, don't come visit us Life is short, we're going to hug you, we're going to love you. And we're going to soak every moment of this connection that we have with you. My parents were not, they said, Life is short. And if we have anything that we get, we would be, we could not live with ourselves if we gave it to you, if we shared it with you. And so for a year, it was arm's length. It was I drove by, and was allowed to wave my mom.

Patricia Tate 00:26:00
And then I just said, I cannot do this anymore, I have to see you. And so at that point, they allowed, we call them driveway visits. So I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cry. So then we started our driveway visits where we would like, literally, they had this eight foot table marked off for chairs, and we were allowed to visit outside, and then we could visit in the backyard. And then it was really cold in the garage, and then when it would spike, the visits would stop. And then we could zoom. And within this is crazy, because because I looked back at my astrology as to what the hell happened this day. My husband and I were at the town near us has the whole town has yard sales. And so we said okay, we're gonna go this, we're gonna have good time we, you know, we're gonna wear masks, we're gonna be safe. And we always get these doughnuts at this place. And we're gonna go visit your parents and give two donuts, my parents will give two donuts and we're gonna have these donuts for ourselves. Hey, isn't this great? And so we were in line for the doughnuts. And we saw his sister. He has three sisters. And she walks up to us, yay, haven't seen you in forever hug. And she said, Yeah, we're thinking about moving, we're gonna move. We've decided we're moving to the Carolinas. Now, all of our families are very close and in close proximity. So you want to see anybody, you drive over, you give him a call, you stop over. And we looked and I said, Oh, my God, this is you know, I'm sad. But I'm so happy for you. And then we went to his mom and dad's. And they said, Yeah, we're going to be going out west. And we don't know how long we're going to stay out there. But if it's going to be like this, we need to be out west where it's warm in Texas. And now I'm like, a blubbering mess. And then we go to visit my mom and dad still on the same flippin day, we get to my mom and dad, were sitting out back, here's the donuts. And I'm crying, telling my mom, I cannot believe all this change is happening. And Mom, I'm really trained to go with it. She said, well, now's a good time as ever, were moving and I thought. Are you fucking kidding me. So then we left. That was that was the catalyst that motivated my husband and I that this is a time this is a time for change. We have to embrace it. So we decided, okay, my parents moved. We bought their home. This was not the house that I grew up in. But it was a home that they built for retirement. And we didn't I had not been in this house in over a year before because of COVID. So I hadn't even seen it. And we bought their home. They moved. We moved in COVID was crazy moving in with COVID. And the first time I saw my parents was after I was sick. And it was so cathartic to be able to hug Yeah. I needed I needed it.

Patricia Tate 00:29:54
Yeah, sorry. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:29:58
I want to live in a world where no no one feels a need to apologize for crying.

Patricia Tate 00:30:02
Yeah. Yeah. So my parents would call or text or check in. And like if they saw a picture of me, we were out west, we went out west. And if they saw a picture of me, without my mask on, I'd get a text. Where's your mask? And I'm like, underneath my chin mom, right here, mom. And so they're they were terrified. And I understand it, because I have two kids, two adult children that are they're younger, I hope that they bounce back. But health issues make it worse. And yeah, I, I understood where they were coming from. It didn't make it any better. That when things happened, and I wanted a hug, I couldn't have it. And I reminded them Life is short, like, just a connection would be nice. And their fear of giving or getting sick, was overwhelming. So that just did not happen. And when she saw me as sick as I was, it was because she called they called every day for, you know, like, let's video chat, because, you know, so when my when something's going on with my daughter, I will say no, let's video chat. Because talking to somebody and actually seeing them, you actually see what's really going on. And yeah, they were definitely fearful of and they're, they're happy with where they're at. And that's all that matters. It forced a change with all traditions moving forward. My son is now thinking about moving out west, I think he's gonna move to Arizona. And we've told our kids, you have wings, you move we had before COVID two intact parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers and brother in laws and sister in laws, and cousins, all within 20 minutes. And now, one sister is in Texas with a husband and three kids. One is in the Carolinas with a husband and two kids and these three beautiful grandbabies. Like everybody just said, now's the time, and the split. And all I could think about was like the Fiddler on the Roof, you know, like, where all his kids all of a sudden go off in different directions. And I said, Jake, this is us. Like, we're everybody's going in different directions. Like what are we going to do? And we don't want to keep our family here for the sake of making us happy. So we have just told we will visit we will zoom we will visit and we will make it happen because I still want the connection of the actual, you need the hug. I need the touch. Yeah. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:33:28
What does the word pandemic mean to you?

Patricia Tate 00:33:29
The pandemic, I believe that it was a sudden, I believe it's a sudden change that's abrupt and forces you out of your comfort zone. To take stock in things of what is truly a value. What do you appreciate? What do you love? What do you need? I was running on autopilot before the pandemic I I just was, this is what the day was going to look like I have these future goals these future plans. I am very I have I'm organized. I have notes I'm driven. This is what's going to happen. And I need the universe to come in and shake me up every now and then. This was a huge shake and wake up call for everybody. And the pandemic is life altering for everybody. And I would like to think lessons will be learned from it. And for us to move forward with, yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:35:02
What are some of the lessons you hope we've learned?

Patricia Tate 00:35:06
On a global scale? On a global scale that I'm really hoping that our churches, churches, I'm gonna start with hospitals, hospitals will be different. We do not need to go see a doctor for every single thing that actually. And that's the way it used to be. Everybody I went, I remember when I had my kids, I remember that the sisters, the brother, the brother in law's, the sister in law's, all the cousins, everybody was running around in the hallway waiting for the birth of the baby. And then during COVID, it's just like one person. It's it's saying, how do we stay close, by not staying close. And with the hospitals, it will be we have to change some things. And I believe that there will be more holistic with medical combined together, it's not going to just be go to the doctor get a pill, we need to take care of our our vitamins and supplements in our bodies, a temple, and then our government, it will force a restructuring of and it will collapse from the bottom, from the top down to be rebuilt from the bottom up just like the hospitals, schools. Not everybody learns our schools have not changed at all. Not everybody learns sitting in a desk for those eight, seven, half whatever hours a day, and going from class to class to class. It education looks different for everybody. And this has allowed the collapse of the old to have a creation of what is going to be new to move forward with. Personally, the, for me, it took me from working in this area only and me going to like Lilydale for an event, or me going to Florida for an event. Everybody got up got good real quick, with the Internet. And with zooming and with connections with meetings that I was I was having classes and workshops in person that I learned real quick how to create slides, and how to do these invites and how to still stay connected, and now reach people further away. So now I get up this, I get up in the morning. So I'm up early in the morning at like six o'clock. So I can I can have a zoom call consultation at six o'clock in the morning, because there's a five or six hour time difference. And that's the easiest time for the two of us. So now things are me adjusting my time schedule, that what is the best part of my day? And how can I accommodate somebody who's way farther away? And how can we merge and share and collaborate? Because the Aquarius energy is we need to take all the information and share it for the betterment of all. It's not about me, it is a we we are better together than one person alone. And the sooner we get over that, Mimi, me and start thinking about the we, I think we're going to see more like community gardens, we're going to see people who are going to have to rely on other people to network to, to just survive like families living in like living together or supporting each other because things are going to get tight for a while. And I think that people will be living with I don't want to say communal living but living near people that are more like minded. And it will be less of the blood family but more of a soul family like this is my soul network and I need to be near them and I need to like my parents need to be in Florida. They need to be living down there with friends of their own age that they go in. They do things instead of seeing me once a week, they can see these people every single day and I can visit with them and and I need to quit being greedy because that to me is wanting you to stay here for me is wrong. And wanting my children to make these decisions is wrong. And so I have to say what is in the best interest of everybody putting my thoughts on the backburner and saying Where do I fit into this? But my put my needs up front, but I cannot have my needs met at somebody else's expense. And that's truly important to me.

Kit Heintzman 00:39:56
I'm curious in the flurry that all of the last few years have been with but not limited to COVID. What are some of the bigger political and social issues that have been on your mind?

Patricia Tate 00:40:08
The war that's going on right now. I'm looking at looking at, like we're going into eclipse season. And everybody knew that this was going to happen. He aligned himself over there. We are in a, a time period that we need to all be one and not be chunks. And, and that means the United States. Also, we cannot have one group fighting with another group. And we can have common ground. I believe that we're going to see I believe that we're going to see that country try to rise up like they've done. I'm, I do not do astrology charts for countries, but I am following it with other people. And I'm following his natal chart and Putin's and see where this is playing out and saying, Okay. I, I can't watch the news right now. My like on the news we were talking about. First, we have Mardi Gras. And now we have this basketball, I don't understand the whole, everybody's all excited about this basketball. And we have the St. Patrick's Day celebration coming up, which I believe that there needs to be celebration, but what are we doing about the whole, the whole, everybody should have a safe place to call their home, clean food, water, and everybody should have access to that. And this is going to cause a change moving forward for everybody. And how everybody deals with it is going to be dependent upon the information that they receive. And so the information is, because we're going into a new eclipse season for the next 18 months, the information is going to get a little bit more clear we're going to have we're still going to have false news out there. Because, you know, but all I believe that more attacks will not be physical, they'll be more air related. So that is like through your computer, through the banks through I think that those things are going to happen. It's it's moving from words to air, meaning technology, phone, email, zoom. Anything that's internet or air related, is going to be up for grabs over the next 18 months. And the way it works is you can either use it for good, or you can use it for not so good. To use it for good, you're gonna see all kinds of people get creative, with great gas prices are high, we're gonna have electric cars, it'll happen. It's like electric transportation, electric, like lawnmowers and things that will take care of things will sprout up fast ideas because it's air, these ideas will come together because people are going to collaborate for the good. You just hope that the good outweighs the not so good. And hope that that the information is shared equitably for everybody. I'm hoping I'm an optimist. I, I believe that like COVID is going to be here until like, we're still going to be doing this until like April 2023. Like where the planets are lined up. That's when we're finally going to say okay, it has now reached enough people that it's going to be like the flu or the cold, everybody will have been exposed. It takes that long to get out there and to have enough strains that this is now do I post that on my I don't put it on my newsletters. I don't put it on my year ahead forecast. You know, for my youtube i i Just give general heads up because I don't want to influence anybody or put fear in anybody. But I do want to educate like, it's not going away. You know, these things are going to be here. Be part of the change, be part of the solution, or get out of the way. Sit back and Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:44:43
I think so many of us right now are watching the war in Ukraine and paying attention to the different pieces of it. Tell me about paying attention to natal charts as a way of watching a war and engaging

Patricia Tate 00:45:05
so I have. So in astrology, you, you have your birth chart, run with your exact date, time and location. And that gives you a wheel. I use whole house sign, Western astrologer, and everything is like symmetrical. And so your rising sign sets up the rest of your chart. And then the planets are put into specific houses. So when somebody says, Well, I'm a Taurus, okay, your son may be in Taurus, but you are really a little bit of everything that make up you. And so everything in the top chart, top part of the chart is where you are in the outside world. Everything in the bottom part of your chart is where you are close to home. So there's the first house is about you and and how people see you. It's what you're rising to be. It is like the, if you know, the top three, your sun, your moon, your rising, those are the three most important things that you should know about yourself, to be able to figure out where you're going or what you're going to be doing. Knowing what your rising sign is. If you listen to an astrologer, you should listen to it for your rising sign, because that's going to tell you where all the planets are, when they talk about the end for the logical forecast. So we know eclipse season is going to be coming up for the next 18 months, we know that there's going to be this shift of this new moon, new beginnings shock, surprise, full moon illuminating some things that we didn't realize. And again, shock, surprise, and eclipses put us I like to explain eclipses to people is you and I were hiking. And we have a camper behind us and we go across this bridge, and we get this downpour. And we've got enough food and water to last us you know for this day hike, and we have a deluge come through and it wipes out the bridge and it takes our camper and it's gone. And now we have only one choice. And that's the future. That's what's in front of us embrace the new. And eclipses force us to only move forward to not look back. And every 18 months, that theme changes in your chart. And so following the charts, can let people know this is where I'm going to be this is my focus for the next 18 months. This is where my business should be. This is where I should be focused on family. This is where things are going to affect me stronger. You can look at you can look at a country's chart like we can look at the United States charts called the Sibley chart and find out this is our return is their Pluto return Pluto the planet of of the planet of birth, death, rebirth and collapse of the old in order to build and transform for the new. That's what's going on for the United States. And just knowing that explains where we're going and what we're going to be doing. And so everybody has a chart, everybody has this information about themselves. You can use it for you and your partner, like you can do a synastry chart of I use synastry chart for when I'm going to be working or teaming with somebody, I will pull my chart and their chart together and say, Hey, before we even sit down and get started, you should know this about me. And I can see this about you. And so knowing this about you, I can either choose to work around it, or I can choose to ignore it or I can like I'm going to know that that might be a hurdle. And if people know certain things about me, that makes it a little bit easier for us to work together we can find out what is our language, what are our barriers. And so you can do it for couples, you can do it for working together for partners. I do my year ahead.

Patricia Tate 00:49:04
I do several. Okay, so it's called a solar return. It's a birthday chart. And I have many people who will come to me and say, I need to know, month by month, what my next year looks like. Because they know that certain things are going to be happening. But like now I want to know, month by month, where are things going and you can give them a heads up. And you can tell them pay attention to astrology because on top of the eclipses, like we know that this crazy energy is going to happen. It's going to happen in April and then there's like the second week of May and then it's going to happen again in the fall. And then also in the fall. Everybody should be paying attention to Mars. Mars is gonna go retrograde. Mars is this planet of fire and push forward and drive. Go ahead first. It's the worrier. And so collectively, and singly, where is Mars in Gemini in your chart, you just have to find, where's Gemini in your chart, and you're going to know that that area of your chart is going to take a beating. And it's going to be going backwards for you to redo some things in your life, before you can move forward with. And so you can do this, you can look at a country's chart, you can look at a person's chart, or you can look at a couples and there's so many different ways to, to use astrology. Those are just like areas that that I focus on. And, and for children, you know, like you can say, like, my daughter is my complete opposite. So I know that I'm supposed to be learning from her. I believe my beliefs are that we pick our exact date, time and location to come into this world to learn lessons to grow, and not always have things easy to have. We have the soul family that has decided to incarnate into this lifetime with us to be part of our lessons to be part of our everyday life, either for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And what do you learn from them? And when I have things that do not go my way, I didn't always think this way. When I was younger, I used to do that. Oh, woe is me. That pisses me off. I'm really upset. Now, I look at the events that happen and say, and what did I learn? What did I learn? I learned to let go, I learned to create new traditions. I needed to let go of my parents and let them live out the last part of their lives in complete joy and happiness, doing things with people their own age, I learned to tell my children No, you need to go and explore the world. I learned to know I need to move into a new place and start brand new for myself for this last third of our lives. That was a whole two or three week purge process of tears and whatever just because apparently I was a hoarder. I didn't realize a hoarder. But I was a hoarder of everything from my children. I kept their baby stuff all the way my son is 29 years old. I kept their high school stuff. Now, I had tubs and I kept waiting, like, Oh, they're gonna have these grandbabies. They're gonna have these children, they're gonna have this. And then I was asking my spirit guide.

Patricia Tate 00:52:32
I don't understand this, like, what should I be doing? And my spirit guy was saying, You need to mind your own business because these kids are not here to have grandbabies to make you happy. You need to get this stuff cleared out. You're gonna buy new anyway, and make somebody else happy. Give away these toys, find homes for the clothes, get it gone purge. And I was like, Well, that was like an eye opener. So then I went through, I kept cards, apparently I was like, so I went through every single card. And if it was from a grandparent, you know, like they would read on every single inch of it. Or if it was a letter, I kept them in a shoebox. I did not need to keep everything else. Because when we moved from one house to another, I only needed to take things from my husband and I it needed to be us. And I got rid of Holy mackerel. It was like this weight was lifted. And it gave me freedom to say this house is only us. I don't have to childproof anything I can now and then I looked at it and said, and now it's going to be my business. Now I can have clients here. Now. Now I only have a cupboard of candles, because I still I love candles, I have a cupboard of candles and I burn them all the time, incense and essential oils and I do have a lot of crystals but I'm giving myself permission that those are things that I'm keeping or hoarding for myself. And so everything else is like my house you walk in it. And it's all me. Like I love it because it's I haven't had that in 30 years, you know, you have these children and you get used to having scuff marks and food in the frigerator that and the laundry and the it's it's everything and now it is me and so when people come here, this is all me and who I am and my business and for goddess group like when I get together with other women that we meet that it's a safe environment that I don't have to share with anybody but my husband who only wants the kitchen like how good can you get? Take the kitchen. I'm so happy with that you know like Yeah, so a lot of a lot of things have changed. And I use astrology to say, this is where I'm going. And buckle up. Here it comes and do. I'm embracing it is sometimes hard. But I do it because I know it's the right thing. And then once I know that, I know that once I get through it, it's going to be good. It's going to be good. I'm so glad I did release, and get rid of my kids stuff. And I don't need to have that. I don't need to have my parents things. I don't need to have my husband's parents things I just, I need at this point. Experiences and people and time, which need time. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 00:55:45
How would you describe the difference between using astrology as guidance and treating astrology as deterministic?

Patricia Tate 00:55:56
You mean to like, for sure figure out what's going to happen in the future because,

Kit Heintzman 00:56:02
Right, the difference between, I guess, like deterministic would be something like like a no free Well, this is definitely what's going to happen. I'm entirely controlled by and I can predict it would be a deterministic viewpoint.

Patricia Tate 00:56:20
I believe it's a combination. I believe that when we came into this world, we gave herself this map. And the map has many different avenues. And depending how we act and react, we have a plan A, a plan B, a Plan C, to keep us on those track are as the planets go around, it activates certain things in our chart to make sure that we are still working on those things. And we have eclipses and we have outside. So the outside planets effect generation and the inside planets affect us. So we constantly have this movement and opportunity for change. And we have free will. But we will be given specific opportunities like we know. eclipses are to write you on your path. They are to bring people places and things into your path, what you choose to do with them, you choose to do with them, you can either act upon it or you don't have to. There are some people that will live in the same. They will keep on the same path until they're ready. Like you. You can wish somebody to do better. My, my daughter, okay, so my daughter is clean and sober for like four years now. But there were more hate, like, talk about living through those years. That was those were rough years. And there were and I kept looking at her chart and saying, here's another opportunity, here's another opportunity. And she knows it, whatever is she going to do with that. And I had to stand back and allow her free will, for her to make these decisions of when is enough enough that she's going to change her and have it had to happen for her like she had to allow it. And those were horrid lessons for me to be able to stand back as a mother to be able to see it in my dreams, knowing what's going on seeing what's going on asking for protection for her, asking for her to live her best and highest life. And knowing people have free will, they can choose to go down this path or they can choose to go down this path and there needed to be a catalyst. And fortunately, it is activated in her chart. And she is now moving in a forward direction making huge strides. So when people actually find their path, and on our past change, like I started off years ago, like my aunt was into palmistry so you know like, Oh, I think I can try and do this now. It never I always dreamed I always had these visions. I just didn't know what to do with them and then I you know then I got into the past life regressions and then I you know, I did all those things. You know, the the terrible, the terrible was like a Helen Keller moment. And it gave me the language to be able to connect to my dreams and say this is what you're talking about. And then the astrology said and now We can put it into play moving forward. And so I can look at my chart or somebody else's chart, I can look at somebody's natal chart and say, This is what you signed up for, in your in your life, this is for your best and highest good how you choose to do that, and in what order is completely up to you. And you're going to have many opportunities, many opportunities to, to use this, or to say, I'm not ready. It's like the person who is

Patricia Tate 01:00:29
I have somebody that I'm, I worked with her and her chart, she has had many opportunities to leave this relationship. And she knows it. And it's about when she is ready, she knows that more opportunities will come up, she has to be able to have it in her head, I cannot say this is what you need to do. I have to say, these are some things that are going to be going on with you. These are some things are going to be going on with your children. Let's look at your career. And then you have to decide what's in your best interest of is this the time is this right for you, you have the free will. And then as people come into our life as karma sets up, you and I are hiking, and our camper is gone. And we're rolling this path, and we've got our protein bar and our water. And then you say I'm going to take this path and I'm like, I wish you well I know things are going to be great. And if it gets bumpy text me let's connect back up together like you can right or wrong. You can correct I don't believe that there's, I don't believe that anybody actually chooses all cruddy things. And that they just need to know that. You pick something like when, when shady things happen? Like, I look back at my past, and certain relatives or certain events that have happened to me. I believe all great healers have had difficult events that shaped them into who they are. And so I don't look back on events that happened to me when I was a child with other people, you know, like, Oh, I was molested, or I was raped. And these are terrible things. They are terrible things. They're absolutely horrible. But they shaped me into who I am. And I can look back on it and say, I'm a survivor. No, I'm not a survivor. I'm a freakin thriver. This makes me the best person of who I am. And then I question why would I have chosen that? Why would have had this happen to me? What do I learn from it? And you would be surprised that when you start questioning, why do things happen? Who you connect with? Because now I'm connected with other people who've experienced certain things in our charts. If we were connect your chart and my chart, we would find some kind of synchronicity in there. Something that says we were meant to be either connected for a time and event something everybody needs for a reason. What do you what are you going to make of it? Like what are you going to do with the information? Are you going to grow from it? Are you going to just use it and keep it on the backburner? Like, what are you going to do with it? And some people they sit with it because they're just not ready yet. So I combine it all together and say, This is what I can do with it. And and sometimes I do have to sit with things. Like I do accept growth. But that does not mean growth doesn't come without snot and tears and me going through a lot of stuff because we have to purge it and going through our shadow side is not pretty people say I'm working on the shadow side. And I'm like, Yeah, that's not what it looks like shadow side like mean is you are going within and you are really doing a self check within of where are you so you can be a better form of yourself. And yeah, and I'm not going to judge people because if that's what they believe, more power to them. I hope to educate them later. You know, like you just hope for, you know, you accept people with where they are and with whether or not Yeah

Kit Heintzman 01:04:29
I’m curious, what does the word health mean to you?

Patricia Tate 01:04:34
There I believe in a spiritual health and a physical and a mental. I believe it's like the sixth house in in astrology that my spiritual health I need to have something that I believe in and or some things that I believe in and I need to be in a community that also has this Same things, mental health. When my mental health deteriorates, I need to like get in and I need to have a Reiki session or I need to go see a chiropractor I need because my physical health, all I believe it's all connected. My mental health is I want to help to take care of others. But that means taking care of myself first. And physical health is it's eating healthy, it's exercising, it is going to the doctor and having your checkups. It is I believe it's the whole nine yards of eating, eating as clean as you possibly can. Do I all the time? Oh, absolutely not I go there, I go there in a heartbeat. When i i take time away. So I know that I'm working really hard now. Because I know that I'm going to be taking off next Thursday to the following Monday at the Serpent Mound, I will be away from technology. For those days sinking into ceremony, speakers gather like that is going to fill my soul, Fill my cup, fill my heart, give me wisdom, give me knowledge, teach me so that when I come back, I can now share it elsewhere. And that to me is involving or encasing all of mental, physical and spiritual health. And I believe that it's not to be kept that it is to be shared with others. And when I am healthy, I can help others.

Kit Heintzman 01:06:37
What are some of the things you want for the health of others? And then how do you to the extent that you're able, how do you help bring that as a healer?

Patricia Tate 01:06:51
What do I want? I want everyone to have some I want everyone to have happiness? Happiness is the most nobody should be sad. Nobody should be. I mean, like, yes, we do go through sad moments. But how can I help you get over work through what you're doing? This is this can either be me holding space for someone where I'm just going to be the ears. And I'm going to listen, and I'm not going to try and solve your problems, I'm just going to hear your story. A lot of people just need their story heard. And some people need to have a connection from the other side. And so if I'm offering energy work around them, I always ask for the Ascended Masters, higher powers, guides anybody to come through and give me something that will make sense to them the story or the movie does not have to make sense to me. So I see things as a movie. And then at the site when the session is over, we sit down and I share what I see crazy as it may be whether I see them as a child, or I see them with somebody or I or I've had a conversation with somebody, and that's me speaking to them from their spirit guide or from their higher power from their ancestors saying this is the area that you need to work on and you need to heal and we're either here from you or are here for you or we you are on the right path. It's to offer somebody guidance, the astrology is you are in a 12th house, things are kind of rough, the end is going to be near you just have to sink in and say this is this is a lesson and don't push it away and work through it. And when you come out you're going to be in a first house a brand new you have a brand new everything. So I use all different avenues depending on what does the person want or what do they need in order for them to find comfort that whatever healing that they need, they will get but it's it's it's what form will it be in some of them just need an attunement let me just work around your body and bring you back in line. Some need messages. Some just need to be heard. And some need to know that. Give me a timeline about how long is this going to last? Because I can do anything if I have a timeline.

Kit Heintzman 01:09:37
Did you find that client's needs changed during the pandemic

Patricia Tate 01:09:41
that they needed chang [both talking] that needs changed?

Patricia Tate 01:09:47
Oh my gosh. Some needed connection. Some just needed. Hugs. Some needed know that they were okay. And some, like everybody was at a different we had, there are some people who didn't believe in anything, there's no pandemic, there's no nothing. And then you had some that were double masking wearing gloves, I still want to see you. And they're going to sit like this during our our consults, consultation. And then there were some that I could see through zoom. And everybody's needs changed, they needed to know that it was okay to let go, to grieve, to know that change is coming. And they wanted ideas of that there's somebody else there with me, whether it be a spirit guide, or some and they needed to know that, that they chose this and that there, there's there will come growth from this things will get easier. Because when you're in the depths of everything, when you're, when you're in the the saddest part, you can either numb it with drugs or alcohol or ignoring it, which only suppresses it for a while, because then it still comes back out. Or you can just say I'm going to accept this healing in small chunks, we're either going to rip off the band aid, or we're going to a little bit of healing at a time. And some people were so isolated that they had these moments of, of, of of time that they wanted to know, is this normal? Is this right? Is this, okay? And what do I even do with it? How do I even work through this, and I felt for them because I was I was there with them. And I would tell them, so my tarot cards, each have many decks. But my favorite deck is it's a feminine energy. And it's about each, each card represents a story from my life. And so when I'm pulling the cards, or they're pulling the cards, I always ask for whatever that they're getting whatever they need to know, let it be something that I can connect for on my life to their life. And so as I'm telling them about the card, I'm pulling back a memory from my life, so I can actually connect with them, and give them the message that they need to hear. Or that they need to have brought to the forefront that they're on the right path, or that their decision making is correct. Because some people are afraid to believe that what they're doing is right, or especially if it's a difficult decision. They just want to they just want to know that, that somebody was that like that somebody is really Okay, after they pass away, that somebody that that their family is going to be okay, if they're far away that they're going to be okay. I cannot answer any of those questions. What I can tell you is like whatever the cards are saying, and I can tell you about your strategy, and you have the free will to make things happen. I, I have a friend, a dear friend who is going through a very difficult time in her life of its cancer for the second time. And it didn't even wait three months. Like she was three she chose she went for her three month checkup, and it's back with a vengeance. And I looked at her astrology. And I don't like what I see. But I know that it's free will. And if she has the warrior in her, she can push through. Or she can give up. I mean, that's how things that's how things present themselves. It's which avenue do you want to go to? Now, am I going to say that to her? No. I'm going to say you're a fucking badass warrior. And you can do anything that you put your mind to do this, do it.

Patricia Tate 01:14:02
And so you want to enable her with this positive energy. And what do I see now? I see her putting things in her life in order. She has somebody taking care of a meal train, she has someone who's going to be taking care of her bills. She has someone who's going to be taking care of the children. She has all of these things with her doctors all lined up. So she can only focus on herself. That gives me hope. As to there. There is no we have opportunities to leave. You don't have to like you pick and choose. You know like use use use it for your best and highest good of for mental, physical and spiritual. She just needs to you know like we all do. We just need to be working in our highest capacity and you have to take care of the temple the body. You have to be in good physical health, mental Health and spiritual health to be your best.

Kit Heintzman 01:15:02
What was it like interacting with clients who didn't believe that COVID was happening?

Patricia Tate 01:15:14
Yeah. I don't believe that I told you. So. I don't believe in because I did not okay, true honesty here. I did not want to go get vaccinated. My husband was the one who insisted upon it. And he said, I don't ask that much of you. And I had said, look, you've already had it. I've been exposed to it. I can, you know, I can fight this off. And he said, I don't ask this much. I wanted some time to pass before. Before we made our decisions, and time did pass, and I said, Okay, we're gonna go down this path. And I have friends who, for various reasons, believe or not believe, and it divided people. And I want it to be, look, I don't care what you believe in, I truly don't care what you believe in, I'm going to be the same knee. It's like, are you voting Democrat or Republican? I personally don't care. If we're really close friends, I might question some things. Because I would think that we would be on the same wavelength. But when it came for COVID and the novel, I had some friends get sick. I believe that everybody's eventually going, it's going to go through everybody. Do I believe everybody can find it off? No. Do I believe in using everything that you're that you have at your fingertips? Yes. And if that includes prayer, or angels, or spirit guides, or your God, or your gods and goddesses, or vitamins on supplements, essential oils, though red light, your chiropractor, your doctor, I don't care what it is, you should use everything. Because that's going to help you mentally get through the physical part of COVID. And I had friends who would not be so we quit doing we would we usually do a new moon or full moon gathering. And some of those had to stop because we had people of different beliefs not wanting to be around people who didn't understand from their point of view. And so I'm hoping to that we're going to be able to bring this back around. I'm thinking May, hoping May or June, and then get it started back over the summer again. But yeah, they were they're very vocal about it. And it's like being vocal about the presidency. I don't need to hear that. Because that it hurts. Look, as far as I'm concerned. He's the president. He's whoever we voted in. I don't there's nothing you can do. If if you don't I don't get upset about something that I have no control over. Am I willing to jump in and do something beforehand? Absolutely. Have I been to protest? Some things? I definitely have. I've been to DC. I'm all for standing up for. But once the decision is made, I don't complain about the decision. I if I don't like it, how do we change it moving forward? I try to look at it as a proactive, what can we do moving forward? So this doesn't happen again. And I'm hoping that everybody's looking at Ukraine saying, look, the whole world, they're taking a hit for all of us. What are we going to do to make sure that this doesn't happen to anybody else? Because it's real. These people are dying. And once Russia starts, China's going to be right there. And if the people don't look at this, if they just say, you know, it's not my business, it some people are not meant to focus on that. There's generations, there's like, people were called upon to take action for some things. And so I pick and choose, what am I being called to take action for? Where am I going to stand up? Where am I going to be part of a group that my voice can be heard? And it's not going to be between two friends or between two people with COVID. I'm going to say okay, look, the deeds done. It's all here either get vaccinated, get don't get vaccinated. Um, we're not going to talk about this. We now need to move forward. How can we help heal people that are from this, like, let's use both of the modalities here. You know, you believe in medical, you believe in spiritual? Let's combine some things here. Let's, you know, look at a solution instead of complaining about the problem.

Kit Heintzman 01:19:58
I would be really grateful if you shared more about the conversations with your husband about vaccination and your needs and his needs. And, [yeah], coming to the decision together,

Patricia Tate 01:20:11
it was a difficult decision. It was hard, it was really hard, because in the beginning, he'd already had COVID. And then he was really sick in January before COVID was coming out and saying, This is what COVID was, then we, we identified it and said, and I went to my chiropractor, who is like my, my primary physicians, there's a group of them, and they believe in acupuncture, they believe, like, I get anything that I need, they're done, and are my or they might only know if I really need something else, that they're that my needs are not being met there. I'm not opposed to go get a pill, but I'm not going to be the first one to go down that lane, I will try to heal myself first in other ways. And, and my husband knows that. And it's crazy that we've been together for like, 30 some years, and that we can still be too we go down this road, I believe that people are, I don't believe in like a yin and the yang that he's my other half, I believe that I'm myself. And he is an independent entity. And then we come together and our paths, it's nice when we're walking on the same path. And at least can we keep our paths parallel. And if I go off for a while, I can always come back onto this path. And his belief is not always the same as mine, he will go to the doctor first he will. And I'm okay, do your thing. But like, here's some supplements, you need to be doing the vitamins. Are you exercising? Are you doing this? Are you doing that, and I'm not gonna harp on him. He's an adult male, he needs to take care of his own business. But this is what I feel you should do first. And I'm not going to diagnose you. But I am going to say, you know, here's the vitamins, I'm laying them out. Or here's this, like, You should do this. Now he now mixes over the years, he's realized to mix and combine the two the holistic with medical. And, like he and I were opposites like he was. I was raised, not traditional. And he was raised in a church, you go to church every Sunday, and these are his beliefs.

Patricia Tate 01:22:30
And when we met, it was the Clash of the Titans have you believe really, that's like, that's kind of narrow minded, like have you ever thought about, but he was raised in a town that had to stop signs, you know, and they didn't have the exposure of not that I'm justifying it because they still, like a lot of his family still believe in that. I believe that I was met, meant to be with him to expose him to a lot of things and for him to say, Can we narrow some of this down, and he said, I'm gonna get vaccinated. And this was after, like, a year, like a year into it. And I'm gonna get vaccinated. And it's been enough time when I believe, you know, like, they have these. So then I researched all of them, you know, the three different types. And then I went to my chiropractor, and I spoke to the doctors and said, Okay, what are the lesser of the evils here? Which which is, which is the one that's going to do the, the best for me at my age as a woman, and helping me to because I'm all for Vax? I am. I'm not a non vaxxer my kids are vaccinated. I'm you know, but I am. Let's do our research first before we just jump off the bandwagon and have this happen. And so we did go. And I was sad about it. But then said, and I got really, really sick, he did not that really pissed me off, because here I'm down for two days, and he is not. And I just think it's the difference of our bodies. I think it's a difference of He heals a lot faster than me. With everything. I am really in tune to my body. I know when something starts to when I'm feeling exhausted. And then I say okay, you need to schedule in an app. You're working too hard. You need to go to bed early. You need to have more water, you need to have more tea, you need to you need because I'm I'm I'm a workaholic. You know, I tend to I'm like a beagle and a scent. But I enjoy it. So I so he's the one he's the voice of reason who will say you need to stop and we're going to schedule some days in here where you're just going to take it easy. I'm like, yo, that's really Good idea, because then I can do some reading and I can do some research and he said, can't you just let a world come to you? I know, I'm always filling the time. And so I that's, that's what I'm learning. But I look at it as I will schedule time for the dog, you know, take a walk, but I'm, you know, scheduling this time next weekend, I will schedule time over Memorial Day, and we're going camping again, like when I, when I can go camping, I can be amongst friends that are not judging that it's just, and they're not into Tarot or astrology, they humor me, but they're not into it. And so when we go there, it's just eat, drink, and be merry. And we have side by sides, four wheelers. And so we go off and go all day, and you got the dog with you, you got your drinks and your food. And it's just connecting. And I, I look forward to those. And during COVID Those were few and far between. And so now I'm like, it's time, it's time to start making up for some of that. And yeah, he he and I, we agree to disagree on some things. But when he asks something of me and says, I don't ask that much. That's the truth. He does not he does not infringe upon my ideas and my beliefs. I and I don't infringe upon his like, sometimes I'll say, I don't even understand how you could not even believe in that. You know, and sometimes he just needs time in order to do his own research in order to to figure out on his own time of what are his thoughts because I don't think he gives a lot of thought to it. He's, you know, like how people are just on autopilot. And then you ask them a question. And then you find out really what their beliefs are. Some people you just never know, because they don't voice it. You know, it's a private thing.

Kit Heintzman 01:26:51
When you decided on the course of vaccination that you were most comfortable with, how was access?

Patricia Tate 01:27:00
Easy. It was just walk in Union have to make an appointment. And then my husband then turned to my son, so my son went and just said, now I'm gonna get vaccinated, they came down to the office, and this was when they said, come into the office, if you want to get vaccinated, he's like, I was there. So I just said, Get vaccinated. I'm like, Oh, that is weird. Because my husband, my son goes down the same path as I do. And he's like, Mama, it's just, this is my belief. I'm like, Oh, I'm not. I'm not judging. I'm just questioning what were your thoughts? Why did you do this one? This makes sense, okay? Because I want my kids to have these adult decisions and make but like, let's make educated, okay? And then my husband made the decision to, you know, call my daughter, because she was on the same path as why would we do this? And I don't need it. I'm young, I'm this, I'm that, you know, that young, whatever. And then he said, I don't ask that much, please. I'm asking you to get vaccinated. And so fortunately, and she did not argue, I believe, and my husband's mom and dad had said, there will be no visits without vaccination. And my mom had a dad had said, there will be no in person without vaccination. And so that was a little bit of a motivator. But I needed, I needed to have it in my own mind. And I needed more than one month of, yeah, we came up with this. And this is what's going to happen. And I needed some time to go by and I needed time to research it. And to look through it myself. Yeah. Crazy that we're opposites. But not if that makes sense. Yeah.

Kit Heintzman 01:28:42
Where did you go with your research?

Patricia Tate 01:28:47
You mean my thoughts on it?

Kit Heintzman 01:28:49
Yeah, your thoughts and like what you explored.

Patricia Tate 01:28:53
So I did not want to do it. Okay. I felt that I went with a Johnson and Johnson, I felt the others were altering DNA. And I did not want that. It's not that I'm going to be having any more children or anything. I felt like the lesser of, of all of it, which is still going to give me what I need to have is the Johnson and Johnson did I worry about the clots and like, there was this 48 to 40 hour time period afterwards. And I felt like that was for me, the least of the things that I needed to worry about. After you know, like, after the 48 hours, I'm telling you, I got really sick, he had the same same one is me. I even bled like who gets a shot and bleeds like that. It was the whole thing was weird. Got a shot hurt, like whatever. And then my arm started to bleed and then the doctor just looks at me and I'm like that's not cool he goes I'm gonna get you a bandaid, you know, and they usually they have a band aid, but he had to take off that one and put another one on. And then I felt this is crazy. I felt it when it went in. And I felt it spread throughout my arm. I know what I felt, and I knew what was going on. And I did take things afterwards, too. Like there's herbal teas, and there's other supplements to ease the discomfort of any kind of vaccination. And you didn't matter. Oh, good. I think though, had I not had it. I cannot tell you. When I was very, very sick. All I thought was I was exposed with my husband. And I've been vaccinated, and I'm this sick. And I'm scared. I was very scared. I had seen people who had, like, we had a neighbor who we loved, like, like my husband loved him like it was a father figure. So living in the same house for 27 years. This man was always there, and was like a father figure anything that ever went wrong in the house. They'd already fixed it in their house. And so he would help my husband, he was the handyman who would give him the tool and teach him how to do it. He was like the pseudo father figure that lived next door. And at the beginning of COVID. My husband was he the our neighbor had a big yard. So did we with lots of trees. And Jake went over and was helping him rake his leaves in bag, his leaves. And they were outside, but they were in close proximity. And that was the last time we saw Gary because he had a compromised immune system.

Patricia Tate 01:31:52
And he got sick. And that Sunday, he went into the hospital. And that was at the beginning of COVID. And they didn't know like a lot of what they know now. And after 11 days. He he passed and nobody was allowed to go to the hospital. Nobody could see him. It was absolutely a horrible experience of this happened. And then Okay, where did he get it, he never left the house for anything. He would walk around the neighborhood with his two buddies, and they always made sure that they stayed far apart. He would grocery shop, if you remember, grocery shopping during high COVID was seniors could go at like seven o'clock in the morning. And nobody was there. He didn't let his wife go. He gloved up, he messed up he went and got these things. I think that everybody's been exposed, it's what is your immune system? Can you fight off this bacteria? These you know, do you have the antibodies, and he was already weak had a weakened immune system. And that was probably the thing that pushed my husband over the memories of that. Because then we couldn't have funerals. You know, we didn't have the funeral. And or we had like a, we'd already moved. And she got a tent, so people could see each other afterwards. And here we are mingling around in this tent, all trying to say our goodbyes, and we had moved out of the neighborhood. And so this was us coming back to say goodbye to our neighbors that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to that we had raised our children around. And yeah, we're starting this new life. And they're all like, you should move on go do these great things. This is it's a time it was a it was an It was a beautiful closure and ending that not everybody gets. And think about that. And I thought about that when I was really sick thinking, Holy mackerel. That's what somebody in the hospital is laying on their chest, because they can't breathe because I couldn't breathe. I was scared. I was scared. They were there was like this 24 hour time period. And I looked at my husband and said we need to make a decision here. I need to make it while I'm coherent and cognizant of what's going on just in case and nobody wants to have those hard conversations at all so yeah, I'm so I'm glad I did. You know like this good case. And now I have the antibody in my system moving forward. So I'm looking at okay, what did we learn? How can I move forward with this? And not judging everybody? I'm just learning at my own pace going at my own.

Kit Heintzman 01:34:41
What does safety mean to you?

Patricia Tate 01:34:45
You mean in my home, or when I go out or Like safety in my home, or like having clients in my home or me going out being safe,

Kit Heintzman 01:35:01
or let your intuition take you wherever you'd like with the question.

Patricia Tate 01:35:05
Safety for me is following my gut, following my my my intuition, and my gut never leads me astray. It's either to learn something, or there will be a benefit from it. I, when we moved into this house, we put in cameras, because my husband is not always here. And I need to know that I'm safe. When I'm seeing clients, I need to know when we went out west. So my husband likes to ride these motorcycles with other people through the mountains. And I do not. And so I'll ride my foot around the side by side, but I do not, I'm not a motorcycle gal. So he left me. I said, you just have to plant me in a town. And so we found the town of Lancaster, Lancaster, this town has one stop sign. And it's an art district that is, so art district, multicultural, multi generational multi everything. And they had a small campground one walk up. So here my dog and I are, I immediately felt completely safe. I got myself some mace because I am walking around and I am all by myself. And I was able to go and see and do things that like I would go to parks that were near me, I needed to practice safety of telling my kids or somebody because my husband's in the mountains, and he's not going to get a phone call or message. I would call someone and say, Hey, I'm going to listen such a such place, I'm going to go for a hike Carolina go see this monument. And when you go out west, sometimes the internet is very sporadic. And sometimes, like everything is so spread out and far out. Like I went to places where I thought, This is crazy. But it's beautiful. And I'm so glad that I'm here and I got to see these mounds that the Native Americans lived in. And there's nothing here. And then you're walking down a path and you've taken like an hour to get out there. And then you see one other person on the path. That is crazy. And I've got a small dog and my mace. And I'm just like, No, I'm safe. It's all good. But then it makes you a little bit more cautious about where do you go? What do you do? And I try to be safe with the things that I do. I have learned to know when your kids go. So kids go through these terrible stages where they just don't tell the truth because they don't want to let you down.

Patricia Tate 01:37:56
And no, I didn't do that. No, this is so and so. And at one point, I pulled my husband and my kids at the kitchen table, and we're sitting down and I said, and they were like 12 and 13. And like or 13. I don't know what age they were. And I said at this point, I cannot believe a word that comes out of any of your mouths. Because you think it's okay to lie to save my feelings. When my intuition says something. And when I don't follow my intuition, I get hurt. My my guides will say to me, that is a lie. And when I don't believe it, then they don't talk to me. They don't give me the message, because I didn't listen. And so unfortunately, there are truth tellers, and everything that you say is not the truth. And I'm going to believe them before I believe you. So from this point on, if you cannot tell the truth, just say I don't want to discuss it. And when you're mature enough to just be your authentic self and trust that I'm not going to judge you and there were times when they would say things and I especially with my daughter going through the the like three rehabs and all of the stuff that went along with it. She would say do you want to hear Do you want to know? I said, I absolutely. And with no judgment. And then I would have to take myself out of it and say she needs to be able to tell somebody I need to know what's going on because I do believe I see it and hear it. And it's going to confirm what I already know. And my kids need to know you can tell me anything. And sometimes I might need 24 hours before we talk about it. Like I need I need that time to process before I come back at you with is Are you effing kidding me? Because that's where I, I first go. And I'm trying more to listen, I listen inside, I follow everything. And if my gut says that somebody is just not safe, I try not to poopoo it off and just say why? Like, I don't question it. I just I move on, and move on. Yeah, so safety. Yeah, all facets of my life.

Kit Heintzman 01:40:24
How have you felt about how hospital and other health care workers have been doing throughout the pandemic?

Patricia Tate 01:40:31
My husband's sister is a nurse, and anybody who works along with this, they're suffering PTSD. Anybody? The, it's to the point where, okay, so she has said recently that, you know, what, we have started treating patients for normal things that we haven't done in two years. And so now we have this rise of, of, of this, you know, like, this person overdosed, or this person's, you know, like the baby's in distress, or she said, now we have all this normal that we're getting back to. But the nurses, the nurses, the doctors, teachers, nobody, everybody is working from the standpoint of, I'm exhausted, I just cannot do this anymore. I have to heal me. Nurses and doctors did not go into the field to very people, they went into help and save, and counselors, children, service workers, they did not go into like, you cannot do a zoom, and be an effective a counselor for children, you have to be in the house, you have to the kids need to be somewhat in the classroom, the people who are ill, you, you have to have some contact with people. Because what we see is not always what's really going on, you have to have that immediate contact, and they're exhausted, they need they're going, I believe that they're all going to need a tune up, or what I call some counseling, I have a Master's in Counseling, it doesn't matter. When I feel that I need someone to hear me, I either seek out professional help, or I seek out a friendship circle, or someone who can listen without trying to solve the problem, and not judge it just to hear out what I'm going through. And that's what they need. They're going to need, they're going to need help. And these children that are in the classrooms and stuff that have been no touch, and the anxiety and the depression, everybody, it's it's this whole generation. What makes me be a little bit more comfortable with it is everybody agreed to it. Everybody agreed when they came into this lifetime to experience it at this level, in order to have change come from it. So the CVS that's near us, they're going to start offering counseling, what the heck, how amazing is that? It needs to be that people can go to somebody and get some kind of mental health, tune up checkups something, it needs to come to the forefront because anxiety and depression, it's a thing. It's a real thing. And the people who try to numb it out are the ones who become your addicts. What, you know, like, look at the alcohol consumption rate that went up, people were like, I just want to numb out. I just don't want to have to feel this. I don't want to have to address it. I don't wanna have to feel it or know it. And it's a courageous person who says, I'm now going to take time for me.

Patricia Tate 01:44:05
So I can go in and do my job. And it's for some people that they contributed to the great resignation, leaving. I'm not going to do that job anymore. It doesn't fulfill my best and highest good. I hear him. I see it. I'm an older generation that doesn't always get it because when I start something I finish but I'm to the point where if it's not for my best and highest good, I won't do it. I just there's no, the money is not important. And this whole generation coming up. They're going to live it like when I said don't wait till you're 50 Before you just Stand up for yourself and put boundaries out there. They're learning right now, as it should be, they are a whole generation that's coming through, that's going to be more fluid. That's going to be they're going to push the boundaries of everything, this they're going to be more gender neutral. They're going to be fluid with marriage with not getting married with having children, where are we going to raise our kids? How are we going to raise our kids? What does school look like? What is medical look like? What does, it's all going to be throwing everything into a pot and stirring it up and having a stew. So instead of having like hospital here, there will be a medical facility, I believe that will be combining things you don't like people we're going to be able to get services met. And it will not look like what it does. Now it's this, this pandemic is going to change that for a lot of people as it needs to. people's needs are not being met. And so you need people to stand up and create the change, not sit back and complain about it. But what part do you own in it? And what can you do to evolve it change it for the better?

Kit Heintzman 01:46:06
Yeah. How are you feeling about the immediate future?

Patricia Tate 01:46:13
I'm worried about the war. I'm huge, worried about the war, because in Ukraine, it can go one of two ways. And I know that certain things need to happen. But there's freewill. In order for things to change, the people of Russia are going to have to be part of that change. Otherwise, it's going to flood over all of us, I believe. We all need to come together. And I don't know I I don't have a pulse, my finger on the pulse of what everybody else is doing. I know for me immediately. I want to do what I can. And so what does that look like sending things over knowing people that connections and knowing people that are over there, and what can I do to offer you, the best thing that I can give somebody is my time, I can donate money. But I believe that time is more than an if that means in order to create change, I'm willing to do that. My, I'm good until I think everything is going to be I think fall is going to be rough. I think I think things are going to get a little strange get a little difficult. I think right now, right now all of our inner planets are pushing forward. And that means for all of us are experiencing this rush of whatever I'm creating is going to manifest. So if we're putting a message into a bottle, and we're throwing it out the tides or pulling it out to create now, that's for our best and highest good. The tides are not all going to stay out there. Because planets do station retrograde, and we're going to have Mars going retrograde Halloween of all times, so you know, like, we're going to feel it beforehand, we have these eclipses that are going to force these sudden changes. But it's going to be propelling us forward, we're going to have this forward momentum. And then we're going to have a, okay, you've gone forward enough. Now we need to hold some things in process that we cannot always be moving and having progress, you have to have some point where you stop and reevaluate, say what's working, and fine tune and fix things before you move forward again. And so I believe that that's where things are going until, until next, you know, like we're going to do well, we're going to do well up until you know, a little bit towards the end of summer, and then things are gonna get a little difficult. And then next spring, I think things will get a little bit easier. Also duck, we're gonna be able to put some more things behind us. And we're going to be building on whatever that new future is. Like, we're still trying to figure out what do we want it to look like? And it's going to be the younger generation that's going to make it happen. Like the outer planets are generational planets that has an entire group of people that are united with the same cause. And so you are you we I am hoping that they will push through a positive agenda that will be for everybody. I've already pushed through things that I've wanted and things that I've been part of and now it's it's time for them and I'm willing to piggyback and help but I've I'm past that part I of my life. Now I'm going to be the passive. Tell me where you need me, I'm not going to be the leader of that.

Kit Heintzman 01:49:56
Could you tell me what you're doing when you're contributing time?

Patricia Tate 01:50:00
So I volunteer, the mission trips are going to be coming back. So I'm trying to fit that into my schedule. I am. I have friends that have family that are connected over there in Ukraine, and it's about what do they need? Because they can't get over here. So do they need money for a bed and breakfast? Can you know like, I can, I can help out with that. They are they're you they have people that are giving up parts of their house to house other people. And my husband, I've talked about it. And what do we do? What can we do? Large groups of prayer? I do. I'm a firm believer. And if we put the affirmation out there, and people get together with the same thoughts and ideas and plans that we can manifest some things. And so until somebody is ready to be seen and heard in the streets, because if they're willing to do that, I'm willing to be with them.

Kit Heintzman 01:51:13
How are you feeling about a longer term future?

Patricia Tate 01:51:17
For myself, I see myself as the goal, the goal is to start traveling next year. For me, I'm working on my business and working on my business, the goal is to have everything in place that I can do it full time. Next spring, and I plan on putting more classes on Zoom, I probably will not be doing any more in person classes. I will be doing workshops that I go to places, but I will not be doing like staying in one place. I believe that my kids are probably going to live in two different states. And you know, my daughter lives in Florida, and my parents live in Florida, but they're still like four hours away from each other. So I plan on seeing one than the other, and then being in this area. For the summer, like leaving, I am hoping that next winter will be my last winter that I have to be in one area. And then I will be able to move around. But that's the goal is to because I don't want to be stuck here with no, I want to be able to have contact with people. And that includes family.

Kit Heintzman 01:52:44
Yeah. What are some of the ways that you've been taking care of yourself over the course of the pandemic,

Patricia Tate 01:52:50
I see my chiropractor, and I make sure that I I try to do a daily meditation, I don't always get to it, it really helps me when I do because it helps me to refocus I, I am following my natural body with getting up and going to sleep. And when I am rest, I'm trying to rest when I need it, and not push through. Because sometimes you've already got things already set up, you know, and, and I look at my calendar and say, I have this scheduled in the schedule and this scheduled. So now I have to put in my schedule downtime, and eating healthy and taking time out for like I just went to the doctor are all good. They're just basically trying to stay healthy. I know I need to get out there. And I knew I need to exercise a little bit more. I know on my chart though, a routine is going to be coming up. So I'm just trying to find something that fits with me right now. Because I don't go to the gym. I don't go to the gym anymore. COVID Stop that. And then we moved and there was my favorite gym and it's further away and I'm just not going to do it. And I have the equipment here. So as soon as spring hits, I'll be able to get outside a little bit more. It's an excuse I need to do it. And I know I know I own my shit. But I take my vitamins I take my supplements. And I really I mean I think I need to get back together with the our moon gatherings of so we have a group of of women that we get together. We weren't getting together once a month and putting your intentions out there and then working on each other. If I go to the doctor, I have to get like acupuncture or an adjustment that's me paying somebody else to Take care of me, when we have a goddess gathering. It is free will I give what I can and if I need to receive, I'm there to receive and I have people who can give it to me. And so, I have a pyramid I have like, Do you know what I like a healing pyramid is? No. Okay, well, okay in a nutshell. Underneath the Earth's crust are ley lines, they're energy. It's an energy highway.

Patricia Tate 01:55:18
And when buildings specific buildings like churches and synagogues, and certain government buildings, like you're gonna have to look it up l EY, ley lines. And they buildings are built on top of it, and it takes the energy and it magnifies it up. And then the Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical sequence that it's like our ear, it's like how things grow, plants unfurl, or uncurl. And with that, it's using Earth's math and energy and magnetic field. And then you take this pyramid, it's built where I had, I had a friend, build it to where it has to be exactly, I think it's 51 and a half degrees, and it comes down. So think of the sun as coming down and the noon and the rays go out. And it's they you either make them in copper or brass, and then they have to touch four corners, and they have to touch up with the top. And when you put it on when you use it, it's it pulls the energy up, and it gives you energy and it gives you you can receive messages and downloads, but when you put it on top of a ley line, it literally pulls up more energy, more wood, more everything. And so we use it, that's what I'm going to be taking to the Serpent Mound because there are ley lines there, there's ley lines all over the world. But there are some areas that they're more magnetic. And you it's, it's, it's a hard it's hard to explain, but it's a knowing or a vibration or and the receiving and the the ability to give the people who sit around it are able to get information for the person who's inside and the person who's inside is able to receive and so we'll set that up or we'll set massage tables up for either Reiki or massage. We have holding Tarot and astrology pendulums. There's a little bit of everything, it's whatever anybody brings with them. And sometimes we do a craft, you know, like sometimes we'll we'll make things that we can all leave with. Those are always you know, like, Oh, we're going to make a central rollerballs with essential oils and who needs this and so sometimes there's a craft and sometimes it's a lot of times it's let's just get together and eat and have a couple glasses of wine and share this like where is everybody let's just do a check in and so each month is usually different and we need to get back into that because I need that for my self care that I need to be I like to be connected to community and to family and to me it's really important how has

Kit Heintzman 01:58:10
How has a move to online shifted your engagement with energy like how does how does working with a client's energy change when you're through the digital infrastructure?

Patricia Tate 01:58:25
For me in person is so much easier I'm able to like tap into whatever they're feeling like I you can feel it you can see it you can when I do not do Reiki through like distant right like I can send it but I don't usually like get the messages as if somebody were here for Tarot and astrology it has not changed it hardly at all the because I email everything to them ahead of time so that we can talk about what it is. And then when I'm doing their Tarot I so whenever I do anybody's tarot, I draw the cards if they're in person, I have them draw their own cards. And then I take a picture and I send it to them because it's not about just now it's about over time. I want them to have this this story about what's going to be going on with them over the next one to three months. And the pictures tell the story and I want and I want them to have something to go home with or to be able to refer back to and online classes. I learned really quick how to do slides and zoom and YouTube. YouTube is I'm I'm to put it out there or is learning Oh, work in progress.

Kit Heintzman 01:55:25
So we know that there's all of this biomedical research happening right now I'm wondering what you think people in the humanities and the social sciences can be doing to help us understand this moment

Patricia Tate 02:00:55
With in regards to research, as are in regards to medication, and

Kit Heintzman 02:00:16
in regards to trying to understand what we've all gone through with COVID-19? What kinds of things should people who are more focused on the human side? And the social side? What should they be looking at?

Patricia Tate 02:00:34
Each generate each person that's going to affect differently, truly, children are going to be affected differently. Everybody's going to be affected differently. And I believe mental health care needs to come to the forefront. Everybody needs to have a voice that is heard or to acknowledge what has gone on with them. What have they experienced? What I said early on, that this would be do you remember the AIDS epidemic, and then later on there, all these Broadway plays movies to explain it and share it? That's what I said that that's what's going to happen from this, there's going to be this time period that's going to move on. And everybody is going to say, I lived that. And that movie is raw, that is honest to God truth, or this is what happened with me, there's going to be all these different versions of because you cannot just tell it from one point of view, you can't it's it's the doctors or the nurses, or the school teacher or the student. Because the kids that are coming up now they know no difference. Not the kids who were graduating they the drive by honk parties, like they're gonna look back on that and say, Wow, that's crazy. That was a thing that, you know, like, this is totally going to this, this time period, took traditions, all traditions, throw them out the window. That means family gatherings. That means work. There are no work parties, there's no there was no, there is none. It's going to take everything that we thought would never change, and change it. And people need to record or acknowledge this is the way it was. And then this is when things changed. This was the moment

Kit Heintzman 02:02:43
I'd like you to imagine a historian in the future, someone at least far enough ahead that they have no lived experience of this moment. What histories would you tell them are really important that they remember and write about this moment?

Patricia Tate 02:03:07
I'm hoping that when it's taught in school, that school looks different. And then I'm hoping that they're able to go back and look at how the schools have changed how medical has changed how government has changed, and that their traditions, like what things how people used to, you know, like, the nuclear family, that will have definitely changed. All of this change, they'll be they'll be able to look back on it, and pick and choose what they you know, like, like from it, learn from it and say, Okay, this, I can't, they're gonna say, I can't believe you guys all used to live in the same house. I can't believe that the grandparents could like buzz on over and see the family. I believe that seeing people do I believe that there will be more distance between us. But we will find other ways to come closer. It makes me a little sad about the connection, because I feel that we need to have that physical connection. I think it'd be different that they're going to look back on it. And I'm hoping that they will keep some things the same that they will look back and say, I'd like to have this tradition again. Why don't we re instill this Mom, why don't we? Why don't we try to do this? Why don't we? You know, maybe we get together for a family reunion because we haven't done it in so many years because of whatever. I'm hoping that people will look back on it and they will teach that the reason that this had to happen is for the collapse of the old to rebuild what is now newer and better to move forward with, and that there will be great things coming from it. I'm really hoping that I would like to be able to still be alive to see the building of the new, because we're in the process of this is going to be taking the next 10 years.

Patricia Tate 02:05:14
I don't know how, you know, like, I see where our government's going like on paper, I see it. And I know that I've said, like, our whole, the way we have structured things is going to change. I just don't know what that's really going to look like. And it's going to be this next generation saying, now, we don't like that. Now, you've been in that job for so many years, you're out of touch with reality, we are in touch we are we are the ones that we want this to reflect us, I think we're going to get rid of I don't think that they're even going to like when I think back to times before computer because I remember before computer I remember keyboard, I remember when I was in college that I hand wrote my papers. I remember before I, the my husband, like when they were younger, they had the black and white TV. I don't remember that. But it had to have been about the same time ours just had to have been colored. So I think back to those time periods and say, wow, they hadn't really robbed this this this was going on? Or wouldn't it be nice to have this I would, you know, like, there are going to be positives. And then there's going to be think, Gosh, that we don't have to do that anymore. Like, thank goodness, we're going to get rid of cars that have this gas. And they're going to look back and say you guys have polluted and you have done all this stuff. I'm so glad that we were able to change it. I'm hoping that that's what they look back and teach that this had to happen in order for positive growth to occur to move forward with.

Kit Heintzman 02:06:53
I want to thank you so much for your time, and the generosity and honesty of your answers. And those are all of the questions I know how to ask at this moment. But I'd like to open some space. If there's anything you'd like to share that my questions haven't facilitated, to please take up that space.

Patricia Tate 02:07:12
I'm good. I appreciate the opportunity to share. I I'm excited, I'm excited for you know you and your research and moving forward with what's going to change and to be part of sort of the history because that's what we are we are part of, we are history in the making. And we're gonna I'd like to be able to look back and say yeah, I lived through that and look at the growth.

Kit Heintzman 02:07:37
Thank you so much.

Patricia Tate 02:07:39
All right. Thank you

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