Tunnels of Love art installation project, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

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Tunnels of Love art installation project, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

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Like many hospitals, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne has a network of tunnels connecting campus buildings. The tunnels are customarily unadorned and very utilitarian in nature. The hospital's Art Curator decided to brighten them up to provide some light and cheer to staff and patients during Melbourne's COVID first wave. She called on former artists-in-residence to create thank you posters and collaborated with other staff to create works for themed tunnel sections including "Poet's Corner", "Archives Alcove" and "Pets in Iso". A straight section of the tunnels was termed "Avenue of Honour" and bore individual thank yous acknowledging each hospital department. The entire project was called the "Tunnels of Love" and its headline image (pictured) was a heart collage the Art Curator devised from photographs of flowers and plants she had taken during garden walks.
There has been lots of amazing feedback to the project. It has provided a boost to the spirits of many who transit through the tunnels on a daily basis and the installation continues to evolve.

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